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6 Things to Know About Dr. Mark Dean, the Black Inventor Responsible for the Modern PC


Dean Holds 20 Patents

Dean spent his entire career working at IBM. In fact, his work was so revolutionary that he holds three of the computer company’s first nine patents to inventions on which all PCs are based. For example, he worked on the early Color Graphics Adapter that allowed monitors to display color.  In the entirety of his career, Dean holds 20 patents for his various inventions and most of those come from IBM inventions.


mark-deanSmart Computers 

In 1999, Dean led a team of programmers to develop one of the stepping stones of modern day computer technology— the first gigahertz chip. The CMOS microprocessor chip is remarkable because it processed a billion calculations and large amounts of data in a second. The photo above shows Dean holding the chip.

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