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6 Things to Know About Dr. Mark Dean, the Black Inventor Responsible for the Modern PC


Early Life and Education

Mark Dean (March 2, 1957) started his career at IBM as a engineer working on the very first personal computers in the 1980s. Dean should be as famous as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Steve Wozniak for his outstanding contributions to the modern day PC, laptop and other devices.

In 1979, he graduated at the top of his class from the University of Tennessee and went on to work for IBM. Dean also earned an electrical engineering degree from Florida Atlantic University in 1982 and a doctorate in the field from Stanford University in 1992.



More Efficient and Productive PC

In 1981, during his early years at IBM, Dean and a colleague created the ISA Bus, which was intended to make PCs more useful in office and business settings. Printers, scanners, monitors, and disk drivers were now able to be connected directly to the computers themselves. The picture above shows what the first ISA Bus looked like.

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