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2 thoughts on “This Visualization of the Mass Incarceration of Black People Lays Out Some Numbers That Are Absolutely Staggering

  1. Writing from Bergen, Norway.

    As we know, both western Europe and America inherited the prison-system from the british imperial monster. British nobility felt divine after their union of church and state in the 16th century. They only considered nobility to be fully human and us, the rest as servant races to carry out their wishes.

    Machiavellian domestic control of the united kingdoms required continual transportation of young men off the isle, to the continent or to America in the 18th century and onwards. Keeping the servant races dominated by females, slave rebellion could not be carried out.

    With the emergence of the bourgeouise, or middle class, in the new urban megacities from the last half of 18th century, britain had to cede some rights to this new arm of the civil government. Private property was now a right for all men. But in practice never for members of the servant races inhabiting the lower class. Being capitalists by religious creed made it morally just to let poor people starve rather than risk reducing the market value of the food merchants vendored.

    Hence, institutionalizing mass incarceration of poor people forced to steal to feed themselves and their families. Petty criminals used as settlers of colonies with climate similar to the english. The ethical philosophy underlying the british imperalism never had any coherence or integrity. The law was there to serve the interests of the upper classes. Nobel anglo-saxon, white protestants.

    Unless the american plutocracy is ignorant themeselves, I find it hard to believe that the current mass incarceration plague won't be parallelled by access to libraries and internetbased knowledge sites.

  2. You hit the nail on the head!

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