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The Way This Rapper Uses Conscious Rhymes to Destroy This New White Rapper Is the Most Amazing Battle You’ve Ever Seen

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Video via Ear Hustle 411

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59 thoughts on “The Way This Rapper Uses Conscious Rhymes to Destroy This New White Rapper Is the Most Amazing Battle You’ve Ever Seen

  1. Damn he destroy tht dude!!!

  2. The brother just laid him out. White starter kit i'm gonna use that.

  3. Emory Wright says:

    HIs 3rd round was really good, the bad part is, the white guy's 2nd round was just as good, you have to watch the whole battle. He pointed out how B.Dot is on the conscious stuff one minute, then using gun bars the next. Then there's the fact that B. Dot stole his entire style from Loaded Lux.

  4. we here racism in south africa is real i relate

  5. Annie Love says:

    The truth will always destroy a lie.



  8. Dude never had a chance…you can see it in his face!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Joey Cat says:

    It's like playing Streets of rage and hitting button on the weakest character.

  10. I pray for change – you pray for chains / zam

  11. i love that real talk

  12. that white dude should of called hima nigger and rapped about chicken and watermellon & aked him if he hated whitey so bad why is he at home jacking of 2 white girls on the intenet….seiously that blacks attack was racist as shit should of let im have it and went out like malibu`s most wanted

  13. Who is the "Rapper"?? What is his name? He deserves at least his name to be apart of this. He's not doing this for fun..

  14. Yeah yall need to credit the people you put out there. But yeah his name is B Dot.

  15. Will Irvin says:

    can we put this on wax?

  16. He's scared to death, he's scared to look, he's shook. Cause ain't no such thing as halfway crooks.

  17. How can you judge a battle when you only hear one side…..IJS

  18. That brother is on FIRE!!!!!!!

  19. Chris Lopez says:

    The shit is garbage he should be A teacher or a preacher not no rapper

  20. Ahmed Saahir says:

    Boom! Boom! Boooommmm!!!!! RIGHT ON MY

  21. John Payne says:

    hes stuttering and his lyrics r weak, good just cause he says some racist shit? If id have been that white guy ida punched his loud ass mouth for talkin that shit.

  22. I pray for change (Alternative) – you pray for change (Money.)

  23. He said "How to be Black Starter Kit!"

  24. Dacias King says:

    dammmmmmmmmmmm son MNKYALNS BATTLE RAPPING LOL

  25. Shigh Luke says:

    Yeah, if you think his narrative was tight. You should hear the other dude!

  26. David Fagan says:

    Head on over to youtube and check out "Loaded Lux vs. Calico"

  27. You would have no come back and be overwhelmed with the truth that's coming out and want to fight, that would be your immediate reaction? Just an indicator that what he was saying is extremely true and it cuts deep.

  28. Don Duval says:

    I'm trying to figure out the same thing.

  29. Don Duval His name is B Dot… or Charles Burnley

  30. #facts #aintnojoke #talentedgiftedblackman #atlantablackstar #knowledge Boom!!! Brother ripped it..Much props!!!

  31. i think u got it backwards, nowadays tomany talk and ain´t sayin nothing, thats the real garbage, the last thing we need is more loud mouth heads that think its cool to get shot after leaving the stage for starting stuff. grown man rap ! thats all the time i´m taking for this coment

  32. TALK THAT SHIT BROTHER… Where can I find the full clip of this battles lol because i want to hear the opponents reply/come if did dare to come back???

  33. This aint the first time somebody took this angle! This guy obviously isn't a TRUE battle rap head! This isn't amazing…this has been done before!!! SMH

  34. have no idea who these guys are, so the white guy was making out he knows what it's like to be black and is living a black life? isn't that like the dumbest possible mistake someone can make in these scenarios?

  35. Im 33 years, its been a while since I heard anything from rap that made me say "Aaaaaawwwwwwww sh********tt".

  36. This shit is tired.



  39. Its not but its sooo RELEVANT!!!!!

  40. Wayne Michael Good looking out cuz!!!!

  41. Banky Jaiyeoba I guess…but i'm just not impressed. It gets old….taking this angle. It's thought provoking when ya never heard it before..but to me, it's a lazy, typical angle to take in battles..when battling a white dude!

  42. Leon C. Saunders and I suppose that you could do better?

  43. Michael Angelo Taylor Michael Angelo Taylor It aint a question of if i can do better. I heard this angle, many times before… i ain't impressed!

  44. Michael Angelo Taylor This may be new to YOU and this writer of the article and some others, but it's not impressive to ME!!! Operative word is ME!!!!!!! The angle is NOT original, what he said doesn't matter!

  45. I want his cd if he has one, dude is dope.

  46. Roy Spooner says:

    Shit is not impressive. Like Sunshine Anderson I heard it all before. In battle rap, how many times have we heard these same topics. It's the only angle these dudes can take it seems like. Typical nigga shit.

  47. What exactly is it that you are calling "conscious"?

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