7 White Institutions and Companies Caught Faking Diversity


Predominantly White Colleges/Universities- Diverse Images Don’t Reflect the Student Body

In a recently published article in the Journal of Marketing for Higher Education, Timothy Pippert, an associate professor of sociology at Augsburg College in Minnesota, conducted a study on how images advertising diversity at colleges do not align with racial enrollment. Pipert analyzed more than 10,000 photographs used in the recruitment materials of 165 four-year colleges in the U.S. The majority of schools, Pippert reports, “provided images of diversity” that were “significantly different than the actual student body.” As a matter of fact, Medium cites a recent study of 371 college and university viewbooks found that “Black and Asian students were overrepresented by 50 percent in photographs relative to their actual presence in the student body.”



University of Wisconsin-Madison- Photoshopped Brochure

According to NPR in 2000, the University of Wisconsin-Madison decided to run a photo of fans cheering on the Badger football team as the cover art on its undergraduate admission application. There was just one problem: The seven clearly visible faces in the photo were all white. In an effort to show diversity, school officials photoshopped Shabazz’s face and superimposed it in the crowd of fans, although he’d never been to a football game. The photoshopped image went viral and became a classic example of how colleges miss the mark on diversity.

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