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75 thoughts on “These Two Women Completely Destroy the Myth Of ‘Black on Black Crime’ in Under 60 Seconds

  1. Joan Coulter says:

    What about white on white crime? We never hear about that. Just watch "Snapped." That phrase was developed as another tool to make Black people feel threatened, inferior, all those negative characteristics that white people use to excuse their own behavior. But, those Ladies said it best!

  2. Jerome Beck says:

    LMAOOO…black on black crime is a myth now…hahahahah

  3. thank you to that sister sitting in the audience. I am so sick of hearing that excuse given for the killing of unarmed Black people. they never discuss the reasons these problems exist in the ghettos of america.

  4. Did you even watch the video Jerome Beck? Or did you just read the description and then comment? The term is the problem Intraracial Violence is something all races have a problem with Whites kill more whites, Blacks kill more Blacks, Asians kill more Asians. But using that term to make it seem like Blacks are inherently more violent is The Myth.

  5. Did you even watch the video Jerome Beck? Or did you just read the description and then comment? The term is the problem Intraracial Violence is something all races have a problem with Whites kill more whites, Blacks kill more Blacks, Asians kill more Asians. But using that term to make it seem like Blacks are inherently more violent is The Myth.

  6. is white on white crime a myth?

  7. They arguing a point that no one is debating. Yes…we al know that most murder is intraracial. According to the very same FBI statistics she is quoting state that Black men are 6% of the population yet represent nearly 50% of all murders. The shooting of an 'unarmed Black teen' represents about .01% of all police encounters. This is why many believe the BLM suffers from misplaced priorities.

  8. Tina Floria says:

    When ALL America can acknowledge that they are American and American's come in EVERY SKIN TONE… you have White black people and Black white people… HELLO PEOPLE KNOCK OFF THE STUPID CRAP… there is EVIL in this world…

  9. The term or word American is just another word for white. Groups don't have permanet allies only permanet interest. Whites or European decent people have made this quite clear over the past 600 yrs to present since leaving Europe and coming in contact with non European people.

  10. Your grasping at straws and trying to deflect things. Whites kill whites higher than any other groups among themselves. However the white supremacy media never seems to be make the constant call about white on white crime like they do with the saying of black on black crime.

  11. Jerome Beck says:

    The operative word missing is EPIDEMIC…
    Black on Black Crime EPIDEMIC…..of course most crimes are intraracial….but there is no white on white crime EPIDEMIC currently happening…..BUT there is indeed a black on black crime EPIDEMIC taking place in Chicago, Newark, Detroit, Philadelphia, New Orleans…and this is where the black collective energy, resources, and focus should be geared towards NOT police on black murders, and trust me they are directly correlated if Black on Black murders/crimes reduce then as a result so would police on black

  12. It's nice to see these two black women explain it clearly. The "what about black on black crime"mantra, is just a deflection. It's a way for black folks enemies to steer the conversation away from white supremacy.

  13. Jerome Beck ….How do you know it's not an epidemic???? Don't tell me because you haven't seen it reported on the news. The news is a myth too….The reason why police murdering people is such a priority is because there is a responsibility that comes with authority that requires accountability. Best believe a black man kills another black man, you'll have one dead and one in prison. But a white police officer kills an unarmed, non-threatening POC…we already know how that can go.

  14. Mahari Dia says:

    Jerome Beck White ppl dont like to air their dirty laundrty, thatys why it isnt on the news. And if so, we sure as hell don't need caucasians to tell us how to fix it. That is something we need to hold ppl accountable for with in our own race and communities. Only WE can fix US.

  15. Jerome Beck says:

    Shaná LaVette You cant be serious asking this question "How do you know it's not an epidemic?" Firstly, if there was a white on white crime epidemic we would know immediately especially from conservative news sources like Fox who aim to discredit biased race baiting Liberal sources like CNN. Bill O'Reilly would put white America on blast ASAP!

  16. Jerome Beck says:

    Shaná LaVette You also stated- "The reason why police murdering people is such a priority is because there is a responsibility that comes with authority that requires accountability." Another stupid excuse for black people having backwards priorities… in other words….. "lets not worry about this black on black crime EPIDEMIC right now…lets put it on hold for a few years so we can hold a few cops responsible for killing a hand full of black people because well…they're the authority, and that's reason enough……although the black on black murder ate is piling up in the thousands, that doesnt matter"<—-do you see how illogical and stupid that line of thinking is?

  17. Mahari Dia says:

    Jerome Beck If whites were killing unarmed asians…China would go tf off and moves would be made to correct it. But we are too seperated.

  18. While you guys play apologist I will be the realist. We do more harm to one another ourselves every day than law enforcement could begin to do.Discoutning that fact is the real deflection.

  19. in reading these comments it is quite evident some do not define the numerous omnicidal, genocidal and ecocidal attrocities committed by the global white elite as criminal. hmmmmm

  20. Jerome Beck OMG you just said Bill O'riley would tell us. I'm sorry you have proven to have a European mind and don't deserve a voice in this debate. You are only black by skin color. Since you are so concerned about black on black crime please tell me the solution. WHy you think a nigga sell drugs or steal??? Sounds like a crime of survival. Or murder someone for what they have??? sound like a crime for survival. Whats the unemployment rate in America for Black men? Close to 30%. Who have the hardest time getting a job??? Black men. But when you locked in the Pen they make you work for a company as cheap labor…but that same company won't give you a job when you get out??? ARe you understanding or are you still slow my dude. Tell me if you want a black man to not rob another black man do you have a job to give him? ARe you building a business??? Why aren't you…Banks won't give you a 100,000 loan like they do whites so you can build your community. You looking at a symptom not a problem. You want to blow your damn nose all day instead of taking some medicine for the cold. You are so lost.

  21. Jerome Beck …I will have to disrespetfully agree that is stupid to focus on it. You are talking about people in authority killing us off with no repercussions. But black person A will have repercussions for killing black person B. You obviously didn't read my entire response. No one said both issues can't have equal priority, but police seem to think they have license kill with no consequence. which I think is just as alarming, if not more. But since you are so stuck on it, why don't you fix it. You seem to have all the answers. And I resent that you would think that anyone that thinks the way I do feels that crime within our black communities doesn't matter is insulting. You just have your thoughts and you are adamantly sticking to them without any other considerations. And that's fine. But don't pretend to know what you don't know about others because that is not what I said.

  22. Todd David Ferrell that is not what is being said. What is being said is that black on black crime is being used to make black people in general look prone to violence and therefore giving white police officers the idea that they can violate our due process and kill at will without consequence. That is the problem. I deserve my rights as an American citizen regardless of what other people are doing. There is work to do within our own culture, but that should not deflect from me being given my right to due process that doesn't include death for a broken tail light…..

  23. Jerome Beck What dictates and epidemic please tell me. Whites by numbers do more crimes than blacks hands down. Not to mention the 1% at the top raping pensions child pornography and stealing from the people everyday that goes undocumented. If its concentrated in certain cities then you have to ask yourself why? ARe you really coon enough to believe we are just killers and criminals??? Or are you smart enough to realize that we are shoved in a place called a Projects(which is a human experiment laid out by the government first tested with rats) where it is designed for us to fail. What the fuck is their excuse?? They have every right and priviliage don't live in the ghetto but still do more crimes than we ever could? So by sheer circumstance the epidemic started when we were slaves. And if you on the corner selling a product called weed and get arrested by the same fucks who sell weed medically, wouldnt that make you realize the system is slanted for those in power. Please Wake UP brother and stop helping to push Propaganda.

  24. Jerome Beck says:

    Shaná LaVette "But black person A will have repercussions for killing black person B." <—-Oh Really? Are we talking abut the same black community that invented the "No Snitching" Policy and sticks to it like its some code of honor? llmaoo….that same black community? Do you have any clue how many murderers get picked up by the cops sit in jail for a few weeks or months but then go free because nobody in the community will testify or get involved? Stop it…lmaoooo….black people wont step up to help convict thugs and murderes BUT they will protest the street, and destroy their community if a white cop isnt convicted by the same system they wont help if the suspected killer is a black thug…..Shana do you see the utter hypocrasy, ignorance, and backwards logic in that line of thinking? This is why nobody with any good sense or logic takes Black Lives Matter or any of their supporters serious. The hypocracy is immense.

  25. Jerome Beck says:

    Shaná LaVette Do you watch the show "First 48" at all? Its almost the same thing EVERY EPISODE….Black thug A kills Black thug B……cops investigate in the black community…NOBODY wants to talk or share information, EVEN WHEN THEY KNOW THE ANSWERS TO THE MURDER!!….its like pulling teeth. This is why it is so amazing that all of a sudden black people want to have this high moral position of making sure cops are convicted when they murder a black person…lol…..But where is that moral position when the cops are investigating black on black murders? Its like polar opposite you went from saying absolutely NOTHING to RIOTING IN THE STREETS!!! If you cant answer that question….you need to re-evaluate your entire position on this issue

  26. Steve Marx says:

    What I don't undrstand is when you look at the schools and poverty in the inner city why do the leaders who fail to fix it keep getting re-elected.Elect people who get results. Things not getting measureably better …out you go…next

  27. Tom Martin says:

    the black on black crime (that does not exist? really ?) basically shows that 7% of the population (Black males) are committing over 50% of the murders and the vast majority of the victims are .. other black males

  28. Malik Wilson says:

    Jerome Beck If you are from a black community you should know the answer to that question, it has nothing to do with "no snitching rules" it direrctly has a linkage to being killed for "running your mouth" to the police, the same rules that apply in Italian neighborhoods and many other ethnic minority communities so, if your "conservative argument" is to hold water, you have to once again take it back to the police not being present when actual crime happens to those who are willing to inform them of what they saw…..In the hood (black,white,mexican,Italian,etc.) talking will get you killed so, excuse you for not recognizing that. Also, we do have a propensity for gun play but that also is a direct result in knowing that you have to protect yourself or die to so it really all goes back to the police not being trusted in our own communities for reason they created.

  29. Ali Gill says:

    …Uh… Because white people don't walk thru their neighborhoods afraid of getting killed by other white people.

  30. Jerome Beck says:

    Malik Wilson "talking will get you killed so, excuse you for not recognizing that"…..So Im guessing you never heard of anonymous tips hotlines or sending an anonymous email…being an informant really isnt rocket science….lmaoooo…so many excuses and apologists its hilarious. Black America is an excuse and victimization factory. No accountability, no responsibility, no self-reflection…. its all about blaming, and pointing fingers at whoever. Nobody will take black America's police murder complaints serious until it equally takes action against black on black crime….black on black crime is an epidemic….police on black crime is not…..and statistics back this up….men lie women lie …numbers dont!

  31. Because black people does not vote. Hartford CT has over 60,000 registered Democratic voters. Out number Republican by 10 to 1; presidential elections or off year elections, 7,000 vote.

  32. You totally missed the point. Statistcally speaking, there is a direct correlation between poverty and crime – and poverty is the main conduit that lead up to these crimes. If you have a vast surge of poverty in any one group they are more likely to commit a crime.

    It is also statistically proven, criminal acts are played out on a local basis – then it should be expected that black folks commit crimes against their black neighbors. The same concept applies to any ethnicity!

    Why is there an exclusive label of "black-on-black" crime, which is not a practice of the media for use by any other ethinicity, when it comes to relating crime in our communities? The problem being it depeicts a narrative with racial undertones to the viewing public.

  33. Ali Gill says:

    Arron Frazier If you are talking about killing here in the US,black males commit a MUCH HIGHER percentage of the murders. As was said, black males make up 6% of the population and commit nearly 50% of the murders.

  34. Ali Gill says:

    Justin, most murder is intraracial and blacks are FAR MORE LIKELY to be die by murder than whites are to die by murder. There IS a problem with black culture and its pathologies are evident.

  35. Statistcally speaking, there is a direct correlation between poverty and crime – and poverty is the main conduit that leads up to these crimes. If you have a vast surge of poverty in any area they are more likely to commit a crime.

    Not addressing the ORIGIN of the problem – white tactic, followed by deflection, observation of the origins effect but never the cause, utilizing theri means to persuade public opinion, seperatism, ignoring issues that are not of specific concern

    Not addressing the PERPETUATION of the problem – black tactic, followed by a centuries old debate ceremony, asking our oppressors to like us, continual funding of our oppressors and not incorporating group economics, expecting others to fix our problems, knowingly co-habitating with our criminal element, not making education, finance, and upward mobility a priority

  36. Jerome Beck says:

    Pierre Drummond But you also have to examine the culture that many black people subscribe to that aids in their decisions to become criminals or continue that lifestyle. You have to also consider the fact that Black people are not the only impoverished group in America so that kind of places a huge dent in the poverty/crime connection argument. There is another factor outside of poverty that catapults the black crime rate and you have to point the finger at the sub-culture black Americans willingly subscribe to and continue from generation to generation. If this is not addressed we will continue chasing our tails.

  37. Id like to "like" this comment twice!…

  38. Than not been proven! Speculation is when they are shot in the dark of night with no witnesses in their neighborhood and un armed. Trickery!

  39. Jerome Beck O but ther is it's, being whites it's called mass murderers. The more they kill at one time to break a record or reveinge on blacks and white.

  40. JT Thomas says:

    Well they need to come up with a better name than that phrase. It's very misleading and stupid. Thats why we keep going back and fourth.

  41. Jerome Beck says:

    Emmett Xaa "Cops shooting unarmeed Africans in th1930's40's50's,60's etc,." ANd I agree…………………………but here is the difference….we are in 2015!!!!! LMAOOOO….And you can not compare the motives, mentality, and outlook of cops 60-80 years ago to cops of today who grew up with a completely different outlook on life, a different world, and scope. The motives of cops then and now are 2 different motives….I think you, like many black people are psychologically stuck in the past, constantly projecting past ideologies on newer issues.

  42. Emmett Xaa says:

    Jerome Beck thats the most igonorant post on here. What in the hell do you mean if African American violence stops then police killing of Africans will stop? You have no clue about how the police have murdered us when there was no black murders to begin with. (Cops shooting unarmeed Africans in the 1930's40's50's,60's etc,..) I will not waste any time debating with you stay dumb and sold out. If you are even Black may just be a troll who needs to justify your hate. Go to hell!!!!!!!

  43. Jerome Beck says:

    Emmett Xaa You cant compare an Emmitt Till race based killing to a Michael Brown…Till was racially motivated…Brown was a thug who tried to fight the cop, robbed a store, resisted arrest, and was ignorant. Apples and oranges. The black men of the past (1930-60's) were simply trying to live their lives, go to school, go to work, ride the bus etc. all under the thumb of Jim Crow and deep racial hatred, police brutality was apart of that……….the black men of today can do whatever they want in a free society thanks to CIvil Rights leaders but instead they would rather imitate rappers, thug life, sell dope, gang bang, and take the easy way out….in the process they terrorize the community and the cops have to play babysitter just to protect the citizens of these communities!! Thats not racially fueled!…….TWO DIFFERENT SCENARIOS SO DONT EVER CONFUSE THEM!

  44. @Joan, RIGHT! Snapped also high lights the fact that most people are murdered by someone they know.

    @Ali…Uh, women do all the time. Show me a woman that was killed (regardless of race and where she lives) and most of the time, her killer will be male.

  45. Joan Coulter says:

    Ali Gill That is because they all have jobs and a quality of life, therefore there is no need to be a predator. Not making excuses, just shedding some light.

  46. these white people not hearing what they don't want to hear

  47. Bret Ernst says:

    The "Black on Black remember that it's important.." "Self Destruction, your headed for Self Destruction…" "We're all in the same gang…" The Black on Black movement was brought to light by the Hip-Hop community in the late 80's and early 90's. It was a movement that was created to bring awareness of the high inner city murder rates and gang violence that affected "Black on Black" crime. Back then, "racism" was used to label those who ignored the issue, now "racist" is used to those who are recognizing it?

  48. Cody Funk As usual, white people always want to deflect and distract from their ill behavior, as so eloquently pointed out by the OP. And now here you are following suit and trying to create distraction from the OP's topic. Stay focused, Cody. We're not talking about what the global elite trying to keep their money. No where in the OP is money even addressed… So why bring this up? Oh, that's right. So you can distract from the OP; aka the truth. It would behoove you to be silent and take in the OP's words. She's offering invaluable information for free. Don't get defensive… ponder the words, digest them. Soak up the veracity of the statement. And then, if you have something relevant to add, feel free to comment.

  49. Ali Gill So then by default all black people are violent and the police have the right toshootus like dogs in the street? Please take that incredibly twistedlogic you are using and keep it to yourself. I have never killed anyone nor do I intend and just because someone else has chosen to live a criminal lifestyle I should not have topay for because ofthe color of my skin.

  50. reading the comments there is NO point to be made . . you can not AGREE with anyone. . . and you can not ARGUE with anyone . . . . WOW . . I seen one person say i want the same rights & due process as others! 2 comments below another person saying . just the WORD American is Racist, it was made to blah blah blah . . .. there NO DOUBT a real issue's for black people to want to address & change etc . . . . . BUT alll the comments are veering off into ALL directions & EVERYTHING starts looking like EXCUSE'S & anything ANYONE says if its not to the tune of —- WHITE DEVILS & EVIL EUROPEANS & EVIL WHITE ELITES & just . . . . . there's some come back for EVERYYYYTHING! & NONE is showing the slightly percentage of Some responsibilty in ANY of it . . . & all in the name of people being RACIST! . . . . . LOL i have heard some shit in my life but this is by FARRR the most RACIST shit I have ever seen! . . . as STUPID as white people who are GENUILY RAcist are & sit around talking about EVERRRYTHING being bad being black peoples doing & everything wrong with this country is because of what black people have done . . . . . . WHERE are the Americans black or white or brown ? where are the SANE People ? where are the people in the middle who are NOT so engulfed by anger that there PRIDE wont let them reason what IS & is not really happening & what issues are . . . . . its common sense that in all neighborhoods the Crime against each other will be against the same rate . . . if for no other reason than the facts most of our circles are family friends cousins & neighbors etc . . . I think it has nothing to do with anything. . . . the r the rate of murder may be higher in black community's. . . but that dont affect that when a white person kills its prolly gonna end up another white person or mexican etc. . . I still agree I dont know why this is even being thrown up over & over . . . BLM started over POLICE Brutality . . . . . & this has spiraled into chaos . . . everyone try to remember we didnt HATE each other like this 10 years ago! . . and im not saying there was no Issue's or dilusional to what ALL different Americans struggles or the fact that many have it worse than others . . . just that dam LOOK what this is turning into

  51. Richard C. Gordon still seems like rep – or – dem when there in there reguardless of who voted for them they STILL never really fix ANYTHING! 🙁 . . . I was always told vote democrat there more for people who dont have has much & for quality & so on etc . . . BUT the more I look now! everythings so messed up I have started believing that they dont even COUNT any of our votes! they know who they will choose & the rest is just for show. . . .dont get me wrong I STILL go Vote incase that Idea that I have is wrong im not saying for any to not vote . . BUT i have DEFFINANTLY started looking at each person running Individualy & not what ''PARTY'' they are running in . . . its like off COURSE they have gotten hip to the fact that they believe poor people gays & minorites liberals etc . .are ALL just gonna vote Democrat . . .& all white people & religous people & & people against abortion etc etc . .. will vote republican . . . . . . I used to think I would vote for hillary when that year came around i loved what Obama had to say it was ahrd decision but i voted for obama . . . but now in his 2nd term he has DRPPED the ball IMO thats all besides the point . . now I WOULD NEVERRRRR vote Hilary not just over her emails etc but she walks around talking about this FAKE war on women its just ONE of the reason . ..but finally the point . . I feel like THEY are dividing us up! . . . . By republicans -& -democrats . . . its starting to feel like DAMMM! . . . . the NOrth & the SOUTH . . . . .something is soooo wrong in OUR country! . . AMERICANS country . . it stinks of something foul & manipulative . . . . . anyway I see everyone fighting some how the BLM# turned from a movement against police brutality & QUICKLY to what seems like a race war . . . . . wich is actually NOT fair to the ones who actually get up & go march & are trying to really accomplish a CHANGE in things, its not fair because it seems like ALOT of people who sit at home & make Video's have decided to attach themselves to the coattails of something that was honorable & start saying crazy things start killing ALL white people , kill there kids etc . .:( & then did go kill some cops that took credabilty away BLM# had everyone's attention the world was watching & then . . . they all started watching for different reasons who would they threaten next or kill or what city would they burn I know its DEFFF not for me to say im white But If i was some that was serious & still wanted to follow this thru & get what you started out for i would STAND UP & say that talk & behaviour does NOT reflect this BLM# find a handfull of folks that will represent the rightway 7 say WE will be the one's to follow for public interviews 7 social media etc . . the rest is UNAFFILIATED! . . . . . just an Idea, i usually dont comment just come & read BOTH sides comments

  52. No one is saying that it was created by whites, they are saying it is being used by them to justify the murders by people who are supposed to protect and serve.
    Even though white on white crime is just as high if not higher. You still don't get it.

  53. Theodora Anagor So true. white on white crime is 85% and black on black crime is 92% which is never repoted by the news.

  54. Ramel Barrow says:

    Todd David Ferrell If you think you are deserving of death by a police officer because blacks committ crimes, that is your business. I work for a living, pay my taxes, and do not break the law. My civil rights should not be violated because of what idiots far removed from me are doing!

  55. Ramel Barrow says:

    Even if black on black crime is a real thing, so what! White on everybody crimes exist as well. Do we tell white men they cannot be stock brokers and financial advisors because whites commit more white collar crimes that bankrupt families and cripple the economy than anyone else? Do we not allow white men to own guns because of David Berkowitz? Only in the case of the black man does this logic hold water!

  56. John Matel says:

    You need to focus on the most urgent problems. Police killing innocent black men is a problem most acknowledge. But if you are a young black man, you chances of being killed by a police officer for no reason is very small. Your chances of being killed in an ordinary homicide is much larger. In fact, homicide is the leading cause of death among young black men.

    Concentrating on black-on-black crime itself is not useful. Most black murder victims are killed by other blacks, just as most white victims are killed by other whites because murder tends to be local. The problem is that the murder rate among blacks is so much higher. That is what makes it a problem. If not for the higher rate of violence in some, not all, black communities, there would be no problem with the police. The cops go where the crime goes.

    In my neighborhood, we rarely see the police beyond those working traffic. We also have not much crime. Packages are left on porches. I often forget to lock my car. My neighbor leaves his garage door open most of the time. Nobody I know personally has ever been the victim of murder or armed assault. Cops do not come to my neighborhood because there is nothing for them to do.

    My daughter lives in Baltimore. She sees the cops more often. In the last year, her house was burglarized twice. We had to invest in burglar alarms. It is expensive to live with crime. I cannot send her any packages because they will be stolen when left at her door. Her neighbors talk about people they know being victims of armed assault and even murder. I am happy to see the police because there is need for them there. Of course, it would be better still if they were not needed.

  57. Myth my as lookt the FBI statistics…all she did was make her self look like a fool in 60 seconds!!! 50% of ALL homicides are done by blacks yet they make up like 13-17% of the population,but keep denying wwho is the real problem in today`s society & keep idolizing rappers who sing about selling drugs and shooting people…

  58. Theodora Anagor do your homework blacks are resposible for 50% ofALL homicides yet only make up 13-17% of the population ….do the math…unless you choose 2 deny the truth like so many have bben doing by blamig whitey instead as the problem.

  59. that is a joke right when 50% of ALL homicidesare done by blacks who only make up 3-17% of the poulation and the black on white murder rates compared to white on blacks is even worse…..YOU ARE THE ONE IN DENIAL AND NOT HEARING THE TRUTH!!!

  60. well leave the ghetto then….you made it.

  61. You want fries with that?

  62. My God that lady opened her mouth and started talking like a goose.Black gangs just shot two teens this morning.Almost everyday black dudes kil black dudes.She should stop talking like an idiot from Mars

  63. Jessica Taylor with a no sntch policy,how much do those lives matter?

  64. Jessica Taylor how many of these unarmed black men are shot while commiting a crime?

  65. Jessica Taylor she denies black on black violence exist`s?????//

  66. even still, those "blacks" who are killing other blacks most times get proscuted …those who kill unarmed blacks generally dont. that is issue. their lives matter too…

  67. Dee Collins says:

    Randy Alan Buynyak Wow you just kept on repeating the same lie over and over and over again, with no data to support your claim. This is the biggest part of the problem you truly want to believe this regardless of the fact that you are easly and repeatedly proven wrong. Repeating your delusions over and over again will not make them true.

  68. Dee Collins says:

    Richard C. Gordon What kind of Attorney uses phrases like "black people DOES not vote"? What state do you practice law in?

  69. Jay Beck The epidemic is a result of poverty, not inferiority. Crime rates go up whenever poverty rates go up. Given the history of oppression of Black people in America…it shouldn't be hard to figure out why we are generally poorer than our white counterparts…

    Gun violence in general is an epidemic. Not Black/Black crime. It's only an "epidemic" because the mainstream media told you it is.

  70. Ian Holt says:


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