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Attorney General Won’t Retry Kerrick in Police Shooting Case of #JonathanFerrell

Jonathan Ferrell ( Photo provided by family)

Jonathan Ferrell ( Photo provided by family)

Charges will be dismissed against Charlotte-Mecklenburg police Officer Randall “Wes” Kerrick, the North Carolina Attorney General’s Office said in a written statement.

“Upon speaking with jurors, it is our understanding that the jury had deadlocked by a vote of eight jurors for acquittal and four jurors for conviction on the charge of voluntary manslaughter,” Robert C. Montgomery, senior deputy attorney general wrote.

“In consideration of the jurors’ comments, the evidence available to the State, and our background in criminal trials, it is our prosecutors’ unanimous belief a retrial will not yield a different result. While our prosecutors tried to seek a conviction, it appears a majority of the jurors did not believe the criminal conviction was the appropriate verdict,” the statement read.

The Attorney General’s Office said it will submit a dismissal of the charge which will complete disposition of the case.

Kerrick, 29, was facing up to 11 years in prison for the shooting death of Jonathan Ferrell in September 2013. Ferrell, 24, was unarmed. Last Friday, Superior Court Judge Robert Ervin declared a mistrial with the jury deadlocked 8-4 to acquit the officer on manslaughter charges. Kerrick was the only officer to discharge his weapon, striking Ferrell 10 times.

The brother of Jonathan Ferrell, Willie Ferrell, sent out the following tweet on social media after the announcement:

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2 thoughts on “Attorney General Won’t Retry Kerrick in Police Shooting Case of #JonathanFerrell

  1. Well I guess it's the new way to allow rogue cop's to get away with murder. I wonder if the same considerations would be applied to everyday citizens who are afraid they are going to be killed by cops. Justice is far from served. The same lame excuses from coward cops. We are expecting the same justice to be served. It just isn't justice. Protect and Serve….Please

  2. WAKE UP black people! They are sending a message! 10-10-15 in Washington D.C. Justice or ELSE

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