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9 Ways Race Is Still Playing a Dominant Role in the Aftermath Of Hurricane Katrina Victims 10 Years Later


Katrina Was Not An Equal Opportunity Disaster

Although current New Orleans mayor Mitch Landrieu and others have labeled Katrina an equal-opportunity storm, a Black homeowner in the city was four times more likely to live in a flooded area than a white homeowner, according to the book Katrina by Gary Rivlin. Additionally, 51 percent of Louisiana residents who were killed by Katrina were Black while in Orleans parish, 68 percent of deaths (459 out of 680 total) were African-Americans, according to a 2008 article in the journal Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness, entitled, “Hurricane Katrina Deaths, Louisiana, 2005.”



The Government’s Disastrously Slow Response To Katrina Was Racist

It was five days before sufficient federal or state help arrived for the tens of thousands of Blacks who were marooned in the city, according to a 2010 PBS timeline. A number of African-American political leaders charged that the response would have been far quicker had the victims been in the predominantly white cities of Palm Beach or Boca Raton.

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2 thoughts on “9 Ways Race Is Still Playing a Dominant Role in the Aftermath Of Hurricane Katrina Victims 10 Years Later

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  2. This is sad, and this is why the President is quiet on the race issue. He shouldn't be , but in all reality, how do you tackle this many issues, with this broad of a range? We need a "go behind" program, that goes behind these racist agencies and makes up the value of systematic racism in dollars. Something that can finally make sense.

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