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16 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter Activist Shaun King Addresses Questions About His Race Through Text with Don Lemon

  1. WTF is going on with some white people? they are mocking us. damn them.

  2. he is Black/biracial.

  3. Nyansapo Dickson he was attacked for dating a Black woman. this man is not Black. We are not going to allow this. We don;t like it.

  4. The one drop rule is dead, finished. the white man does not get to define us.

  5. LJ Ensane says:

    Farntella Graham looks like you fell for the Briebart okidoke. Dude is bi-racial.

  6. Jim Britt II says:

    "Black Lives Matter" is a bigoted, racist, pro-criminal, anti-morality hate group that is doing more damage to black people than the KKK ever dreamed of

  7. Jim Britt II says:

    Obama isn't our first black president, he is our first bi-racial president

  8. Sara Devine says:

    You seem to be ill informed. Maybe you're just trying to be provocative or offensive…but you are wrong. If you're just innocently ignorant, you should consider googling KKK to start. It is possible that you may learn something.

  9. Jim Britt II says:

    Sara Devine The only good thug is a dead thug and 99% of the people shot by cops (black or white) deserve it

  10. Bobby Taylor says:

    Jim Britt II and the only good white "person" is a dead one honky. You cave beasts make me sick. Always ready to bash Black people, but always conveniently have an excuse when it's a white. The only good thing about global warming is the sun will burn the lot of you pasty ass melanin deficient, recessive genetic mutants

  11. Bobby Taylor says:

    So, using your logic Farntella Graham because he has one white parent, all of his Black/African dna vanishes, and he becomes a white man?

  12. Bobby Taylor he is biracial. what about that term don't you understand?

  13. Osei Kamau says:

    A few years ago a report printed by a national weekly magazine (I believe it was TIME), stated that 97.7% of Black People of African Descent (BPOAD) in the USA have European (White) DNA; 83% of BGPOAD have Amerindian (Indian) DNA, and 40% of European Americans (Whites) have African (Black) DNA. Whites have Indian DNA, as well. Most of us in the3 USA are multiracial. To what racial category does this knowledge assign Shaun King? Shaun King, like most of us, is multiracial. If he has Black siblings who share the same father (Black) and mother (White) genetically, we can say that Shaun King is genetically Black. Shaun definitely can say he is Black. Now, because he appears (genotype) White and also is genetically White he could reasonably say he is White and "pass" for White. So, Black People, let's stop this nonsense of rejecting our own people just because they may not appear to be Black, but genetically is Black. You see, we need as many people as possible to claim their Black genetic heritage to enhance our political strength (in numbers).

  14. Osei Kamau says:

    LJ Ensane Not only that, "Dude" is Multiracial because his father, as a Black man in the USA, is multiracial.

  15. Allan Davis says:

    What's wrong with being white….NOTHING FOOL, Nothing!……Can we call him Uncle Ben ?

  16. What's the po!int of accusing someone of being White? Whites are in the Black Lives Matter movement too. Only a racist would think that that was important to reveal. No matter what is put out in the media, don't allow anything to distract us from the important issues. And that's all it is – A distraction!

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