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The Foreign Minister of Venezuela Believes That Guyana Doesn’t Have Intentions of Resolving the Territorial Dispute

Delcy Rodriguez

Delcy Rodriguez

Caracas, The foreign minister of Venezuela, Delcy Rodriguez, denounced that the government of Guyana has a hidden agenda contrary to the intention of solving the territorial dispute with her country, published today the website of the Foreign Ministry.

We have given details of how it was the behavior of the new authorities in Guyana in line with corporate interests to create disintegration in the region, said Rodriguez, who met Monday in Saint John with Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda, Gaston Brown.

She noted that Venezuela will rescue the Essequibo territory with peace, against the voices seeking an escalation ascent different from diplomatic means.

In Antigua and Barbuda, Rodriguez explained and the representatives of the government of that country the historical reasons of the dispute over the refusal of the Guyanese government to seek a diplomatic and peaceful solution to this territorial dispute.

Venezuelan Foreign Minister yesterday resumed a Caribbean tour to make the case for her government to claim sovereign rights over the territory of more than 159 thousand square kilometers taken from her country.


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3 thoughts on “The Foreign Minister of Venezuela Believes That Guyana Doesn’t Have Intentions of Resolving the Territorial Dispute

  1. Dial Prasad says:

    Of course, Guyana have Intentions, Our Intentions is th keep waht is ours. There is no point speaking to Venezeula because Essequibo belongs to GUYANA and
    GUYANA only. Your fore fathers accepted it.

  2. Betty Ruiz says:

    Venezuela is over 350,000 square miles guyana is 83,000 square miles and now venezuela wants guyanas land and resources, definition, naked aggression and unchecked greed. Winning factor in the face of thieving venezuela brigadier general david granger. David will take Goliath down just watch and see either way the Venezuelans will lose in guyana the humble shall inherit the earth

  3. Betty Ruiz says:

    Talk about abuse the Venezuelans have written a new chapter on it. They are a big bully if they attempt military action guyana will be thier Vietnam. Long live guyana Essequibo is ours not a blade of grass.

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