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24 thoughts on “Cornel West Completely Checks Larry Elder for Making False Comments About Police Brutality

  1. Rod Rogers says:

    Stop the division of black people. Top scholar o national tv. Top media person. And they show same story. Divide and concour. Why can't the two show some unity. Show support for one another as example for all. Must be working or bought out to reinforce division

  2. 12 tribes and they all had their own land .

  3. Doj repor from Ferguson showed that blacks are targeted for discretionary tickets like jay walking , spitting etc, It doesnt mean blacks jay walk more than others it means they are more likely to be stopped for such petty offenses because they are being targeted.

  4. Larry Elder is nauseaing, he always finds an excuse to say some bad about his own people. Not interested iin anything he has to say.

  5. Sounds like Elder was stating the FOX perspective

  6. Ted Langham says:

    IMPOSSIBLE IN THIS INSTANCE…Larry hates black people…look it up…the only black man he likes is Clartence Thomas..

  7. Larry Elder, sounds more like Bill O'reilly. What Mr.Elder should know he is a perfect example of white supermacy infection. The woman was sexualy abused,RACE/GENDER is not the only point people have rights.

  8. He need to go to talk to brian Gumbel!

  9. Carl Hewitt says:

    Good ole Uncle Larry…

  10. Carl Hewitt says:

    What do you expect from a handkerchief head who's paid by FAUX News and other far right outlets to rationalize systemic racism?

  11. Larry is crazy or brain dead. Totally unbelievable. What planet is this dude living on?

  12. I'm Telling you…once the revolution starts we gonna have to take out some of our own 1st!!!

  13. Larry lewft the field of South Central and became a house nigga!

  14. Why is Uncle Larry quoting a study from almost 10 yrs ago to try and explain away the present situations?

  15. It appears that this man has distanced himself from reality. He is quoting statistics that is too old to compare. I do not know wehat Black child or children he talks to but I can tell you for sure that this is an issue that is going to break this nation in half if something is not done about this right away.

  16. Won Wan says:


  17. theres something wroung with that person still slave minded

  18. All the house negros have to be elminated first.

  19. Larry Elder is arguing against logic and fact and he is flat out wrong. The incarceration disparity between blacks and whites in real numbers, not ratios and percentages, for non-violent crimes only refute what Mr. Elder said in the interview. The disprotionately greater number of police officers assigned in black communities and their frequency of contacts with black people also refutes Mr. Elder. I light of detention and arrest statistics reported by police departments across the country, it appeaars that Mr. Elder simply doesn't know what he's talking about; he should have been better prepared for the interview.

  20. This oppressive system will always find a negroe like Larry Elder who is willing to defend its racists tactics.

  21. Ronnie Brown says:

    Elder quoting stats from 1997????…smh.

  22. JO Bankole says:

    It almost seems like Larry Elders believes the ignorant things he's paid handsomely to say.

  23. Larry Elder has no idea how lucky he is – until someone who doesn't give half a f*&( about his education and straight-laced hiney makes him assume the position. You can get statistics to support any ignorant position if you ask the right questions. What he refuses to understand is that there are not more black people committing crimes; there are just more black people being PROSECUTED for said crimes, no matter how small. And once that small crime is in the system, that black person will be consistently and continually harassed. Further, consider a white person and black person accused of the same crime – bet the white guy will receive a lesser punishment than the black one. I have no idea how Larry became elder and still be that stupid. He's not getting any white hall passes with his act.


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