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8 Mixed-Race People With Black Blood Who Experienced Rejection From Their Other Side


Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey, a pop icon and singer, experienced her fair share of racism and discrimination growing up. According to an article released by Today-Pop Culture, after her mother, a woman of Irish descent, married Carey’s father, who is of African-American and Venezuelan descent, “her mom’s family disowned her for marrying a man of color in 1960.” For Carey, growing up on Long Island as a biracial child was not easy. Shortly after the release of Lee Daniel’s The Butler, Carey “told the crowd that she had been spat on by a white person when she was younger,” according to a 2013 article posted by The Huffington Post.


Obama Close UpPresident Barack Obama

From schoolyard bullies to white politicians, the current president of the United States has encountered countless obstacles that were inspired by racial discrimination. For instance, in his memoir, Dreams from My Father, President Barack Obama spoke of an incident in which a white seventh-grader referred to him as a “coon.” In addition, his memoir explains a situation in which a white individual asked if his father, a Kenyan man, was a cannibal. According to an article released by USA Today, “Obama’s experience in Hawaii is echoed by other blacks, including some of his schoolmates, and challenges the state’s vaunted image of racial harmony.”

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