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Jimmy Kimmel’s Plea for Cecil the Lion Is a Prime Example of Why Black Celebrities Need to Speak Out


Not only did late-night host Jimmy Kimmel choke up while speaking against the recent killing of Cecil the Lion, he compared the public’s anger at the hunter to a Black man. Granted that Black man is now-notorious Bill Cosby, but the point remains the same.

Believe it or not, white people in America care more about animals in Africa than they do about the African Diaspora.

During his monologue, Kimmel asked the hunter, “Is it that difficult for you to get an erection that you need to kill things?”

Why is that question not directed toward police officer Ray Tensing, who murdered an unarmed man sitting in a car?

Kimmel’s plea for a dead animal serves as an exemplar indication of how pertinent it has become for Black entertainers to use their elevated platforms to speak on racism and violence against the Black community.

“Black Twitter” alone is not enough. Too often celebrities are silent or passive about current race issues. A hashtag in an Instagram post is a good start, but more should be done. A powerful voice can lead to rallies or charitable donations. It is as simple as getting off the private jet and onto the ground to sit with your people and listen to their concerns. Black celebrities’ positions are unique, their influence can transform into a megaphone.

If not for social responsibility, it should be done out of moral principle. A family member or friend could be the next Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Sandra Bland, Kindra Chapman or Sam DuBose. No one said being a famous personality would be simple, but with a chance to change the world, it should be easy to stand up for what is right. Perhaps the silence stems from concern with losing popularity or a decrease in album sales, and while revenue is important it leads one to ask, “How much is your conscience worth?”

The problem here is not with Kimmel standing up for Cecil the Lion, even though lion hunting is legal in Zimbabwe. He defended what he felt was an injustice. The real issue is that many celebrities, Black and white alike, are acquiescent when it comes to oppression in the Black community.

In less than 24 hours after his Tuesday night monologue, Jimmy Kimmel’s tearful words raised $150,000 in donations for the Oxford Wildlife Conservation from 2,600 people.

What will your words do, Black celebrities of America?


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10 thoughts on “Jimmy Kimmel’s Plea for Cecil the Lion Is a Prime Example of Why Black Celebrities Need to Speak Out

  1. Buck Luster says:

    This is the stupidest, most racist thing I've read in long time. Your victimhood is in your head, bro.

  2. Jim Allen says:

    Being a "celebrity", black OR white does not qualify one to issue "Empowering Narratives". Celebrities put their pants on just like you and me: one leg at a time. I see most celebrities as WAY overpaid narcissists who are only concerned about their own gratification and their "ratings". As my Dad often said: "Opinions are like a**holes; everybody has one and they all stink."

  3. Tru dat tru dat, we ain't gonna take dis no mo. We gon tweet everybody and let dem know black lives matter. Fo real.

  4. I agree with you but dumb America needs to hear it from somebody they can relate to

  5. Ervin Senaj says:

    What a rubbish article. Give up writing online.

  6. Writing 'black' with a capital and 'white' with a small letter is suggestive of some innate racism. Secondly, not mentioning a specific injustice does not reflect 'acquiescence' – otherwise your poorly written article is totally fine with baby rape, murder, chemical weapons etc because you didn't mention them. Let Jimmy mention this real injustice. And if a black celebrity did the same, it would not mean any more or any less. Get off your race-fueled high horse please.

  7. I don't agree with this writer's cmparison. And it is very apparent that the writer shows clear bias. You can''t make your point by comparing apples and oranges. Cecil the lion didn't harm anyone and it was living in its pace. This dentist spent thousdands of dollars to travel thousands of miles and lured the lion and killed it. This is not the same as when an aggresive and violent black man refusing to follow a cop's instructions. And I don't know why this writer thinks it is all one and the same. We the people know what it makes sense and those that don't. Has this writer written about the thousands of young black men and other innocent bystanders dying in many black neighborhoods? No, no one does. That is because all black people think it is OK to be killed violently in their own neighborhoods but not by a white cop for legitimate reasons. Don't tell us or brainwash us to think the way you think, Nekala.

  8. You are quite mistaken if you think all black people think its ok to be killed violently in their own neighborhoods. Black on black crime is as abhorent as white on white crime. You are ignorant if you think the whites cops who killed Eric Garner, Mike, Sam Dubose were legitimate. IN fact the prosecutor in the Dubose case is bringing charges against what he called a "purposeful murder." The writer of this article is correct when he says white people seem more upset about a damn lion being legitimately hunted (it was lawful in that country) than the lives of black people being murdered in the streets. Statistics have shown that white people doing the EXACT same things as blacks are given slaps on the wrist, while blacks pay for it with their lives. As long as we have blindly racist people like yourself continuing these narratives institutional racism will persist.

  9. Black celebrities are afraid to speak out because they think there will be negative repercussions if they do. This is a sign of not knowing your value, which is a big problem in our communty. Black Unity is the solution, is the plan.

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