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8 Reasons We’re Excited About Janet Jackson’s Epic Comeback Tour

Janet Jackson recently set the Internet abuzz when she announced her return to center stage. Not only did she reveal the dates of her Unbreakable world tour, she promised new music and announced the launch of her very own record label, Rhythm Nation Records. The announcement comes after months of online petitions from loyal fans demanding her musical comeback. Although her résume speaks for itself, here are eight reasons why we’re excited about the return of Miss Jackson’s, if you’re nasty, epic comeback tour.

Janet Jackson New Music

Release of Janet Jackson’s new song, “No Sleeep”

Sound of New Music

Although Jackson has more hit singles than one can count and a career spanning more than three decades, she also has some new music up her sleeve. Fans have been waiting to hear something new from the pop sensation since the release of her last album, Discipline, which was released nearly seven years ago.


Janet Jackson Abs

Janet Jackson abs

Those Abs

For many years, both men and women have been smitten with Jackson’s famous six-pack. Her abs alone can serve as enough inspiration to help motivate anyone to exercise and develop healthy eating habits in order to get his or her body in tip-top shape.


"Escapade" Dance Video

Janet Jackson dancing in “Escapade” video

Grab Your Dancing Shoes

We’re certain Jackson will have you on your feet, dancing the night away. With her choreographed techniques, seamless rhythm and unique dance moves, it’s a guaranteed good time.


Janet Jackson Performing

Janet Jackson performing during her “Rock Witchu” tour

Fashion Risk Taker

No show is complete without larger-than-life costume designs. As a world-renowned musical icon, she’s known to bring creativity, versatility and unconventional wardrobe options when it comes to her breakthrough performances.


Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson

Living Legend

With a saturated market filled with obscure talent and lackluster hits, Jackson is ready to remind musical newcomers why she’s considered pop culture royalty. As an industry vet in the business, she’s coming back with a vengeance, ready to reclaim her crown.


Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation

Janet Jackson performing “Rhythm Nation”

Socially Conscious Message

Back in the day, songs such as “Rhythm Nation” were known to bring social awareness and culturally unite the masses. With so much upheaval taking place in the world today, it leaves many wondering if Jackson’s latest material will serve as a reflection of current times due to her recent social media hashtag #ConversationsInACafe.


Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson

The Wait Is Over

Although age is only a number, Jackson is nearing 50, and we’re not sure when she’ll return for another world tour. Not to mention, since the inception of her career, she only has six tours under her belt.


Janet Jackson Performance

Janet Jackson performance

Get Your Money’s Worth

As the definition of a true artist who’s been able to sustain longevity throughout the years, there’s no denying she’ll put on a phenomenal show. Known for her electrifying performances, full of high energy with affordable ticket prices to match, it’s important to take advantage of seeing Jackson live in concert when she comes to a city near you.

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