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8 Ways Diversity Backfires Against Black People

Dr. Claud Anderson

Diversity is used as a tool to ignore the political agenda of Black people.

Dr. Claud Anderson is an expert on Black economics and the originator of PowerNomics, a set of guidelines that he established to educate Black America, politically and economically, so that Black people can succeed and compete within America’s capitalist society. According to Anderson, during President Richard Nixon’s administration, the concept of diversity stemmed from  the political strategy of “deny and neglect,” as well as the term divert, meaning to deflect as a means of distracting. The concept of diversity is, in actuality, a political ploy utilized to ignore the social, political, economic needs, agendas and goals of the Black community, asserts Anderson.

Diversity squanders Black political power and promotes confusing objectives.

When describing the negative effect that diversity has on Black people, Anderson stated the following: “Anything for everybody is for nobody.” When Black people advocate for diversity and multiculturalism in the political arena, it gives non-Blacks the opportunity to benefit from Black political agendas. Thus, of everyone that benefits from Black political achievements, Black people often benefit from their efforts the least. Anderson uses the concept of affirmative action as an example to describe this notion. The ambiguity of diversity is the reason behind the fact that white women, rather than Black people, benefit the most from the political concept of affirmative action.

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