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6 thoughts on “These Kids Share Their Experience of Being Black Students, and It’s Absolutely Heartbreaking

  1. Dennis Moore says:

    Go to school where you feel comfortable, and stop attempting to fit in with white people.

  2. Listen to the inflection in their voices. Sad. No matter how much they try to be white, they never will be.

  3. How come people always say when Black's speak proper ENGLISH IT MEAN THEY'RE TRYING TO BE WHITE

  4. Danita Ford says:

    wow I feel for are black children that have to endure this just to get a better grade , It is sad that we live in society this way and there is always some one that has hate in there heart and they say things to make you feel less then a person.We are all people regardless of color and one day soon we will see that.And to my young black people out there keep moving do not stop growing and doing you!

  5. Shawn Mc says:

    Claire Marcelin and that's the reason why these kids are in specific classes with out other black representation. being educated, studying, speaking proper english and being committed to something is considered white, you're a sellout if you do otherwise.

  6. Claire Marcelin
    Oh boy, I see. An inflection of ones voice is change in pitch or tone, this has nothing to do with grammar or speaking "proper english." African Americans tend to have a particular modulation of voice irrespective of where we are in America, this tone or pitch is generally distinct from white Americans. Wether that modulation of voice is white or black, "proper english" can be spoken. For instance, Obama verses a valley girl, understand?

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