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114 thoughts on “David Banner Has Some Extremely Harsh Words on How Ignorant the Black Community Has Become About the Issues Facing Them Today

  1. David Banner, hate him or love him, at least he is straight up.

  2. Plain Jane says:

    I love his truth

  3. Maman Sagbe says:

    Don't know who he is, but I am going to find out today. He is speaking my truth. Thank you!

  4. 2 Esdras Chapter 5:8-10.
    8 There shall be a confusion also in many places, and the fire shall be oft sent out again, and the wild beasts shall change their places, and menstruous women shall bring forth monsters:

    9 And salt waters shall be found in the sweet, and all friends shall destroy one another; then shall wit hide itself, and understanding withdraw itself into his secret chamber,

    10 And shall be sought of many, and yet not be found: then shall unrighteousness and incontinency be multiplied upon earth.

  5. he speaks truth. Black people have become too soft. that is what integration has done for us. imagine, there are those of us who want to belong to a culture that hates us. I don;t get it,, either. WE will never be accepted here. Put us on reservations or give us one way tickets home.

  6. Come home David…..Israel is your true nationality!

  7. Dr. Claude Anderson. Power Economics

  8. David B is becoming that civil rights leader of the 21st century, his speeches are powerful and he is well educated. People are moving and beginning to wake up but this needs to happen faster. I long for the day when we can reunite as a people and rise up to prominence. I'm working on my part but we need black people to let go of the pettiness and become greater than we ever were. I'll help anybody who needs advice/help but you can't make people want to do better, they have to desire it like they desire to breathe.

  9. those of us in exhile, are here because we have turned our back on our God. They are presently trying to take our identity. this is written in the holy book.

  10. Whoop there it is.

  11. Luke Cage says:

    I love this dude. I heard nothing extremely harsh. Just the cold truth.

  12. Him and killer Mike be on point.

  13. Los Digga says:

    I was with him on everything he said but you not African brother you are Israel. Africans did what Esau (white folk) did enslaved us and sold us to Esau.

  14. Ajani Nogomo says:


  15. He right on and the other brothers that talking that religious stuff need to

    be quite that why we are in the condition we are in because all these beliefs systems

  16. stop that the oldest human is ardi 4.2 million yrs old then lucy 3 million yrs old we are african. All relgion comes from afrika. christianity islam and judaism. We are Afrikan Afrika is our home israel is in Afrika the seuz canal seperated it from N.E Afrika. Afrika is Home.

  17. Ajani Nogomo says:


  18. Robin Hughes says:


  19. Love it..This man speak the truth..

  20. Femi Imamu says:

    Ok my African brothers and sisters, I am going to give you a History lesson free of charge, and only because I am tired of seeing "slavery" and how the "White people" owe any of us with slavery ancestry "Reparations".
    Now for starters, did you know that it was a black man that was the first "Legal slave owner" here in America? That is correct it was a black man!
    His name was Anthony Johnson and he came to america as an Indentured servant, and once his servitude was up. he took in himself some indentured servants as well… and when one of his servants, servitude was up, he fought it in court and they ruled in his favor to "own" the man and to only be allowed to "Own" black slaves.
    Anthony Johnson had himself a son, that would actually grow up to be a slave owner himself, and can you guess what kind of slaves he actually owned? If you guessed black AND white slaves you are most certainly correct!
    Believe it or not there were actually quite allot of Black Slave Owners here in america, that Owned Blacks, Whites, and Natives.
    Here is another oddity to throw into the mixture, the black slave owners actually were apart of the civil war fighting to keep slavery alive!
    Irish slaves actually were treated much worse than African slaves. Irish slaves were much cheaper so much more expendable than African slaves.
    Before I go any further this is where you head to your closest library and fact check me! please by all means do!
    Everything in this post is actually 100% true and all has legit documentation to back it up!
    Morale of this is, before you go screaming at "White People" to pay you, your reparations be sure it wasn't a black slave owner that owned your ancestors, AND you better be sure that it wasn't YOUR family that was one of the Black slave Owners, because you may find out, you owe a family of white people reparations!
    and this is where you can stop blaming white people for the American Slavery, cause both sides are pretty guilty!
    Much Love to you all and this concludes this history lesson.

  21. Your post would have one believe, (those that need a scapegoat) that Anthony Johnson and his sons are responsible, at least in part, for the trans-Atlantic slave trade. This is a very intellectually dis-honest post which skirts around the heart of the matter. I have found that the real perpetrators of world dis-harmony has been the dis honesty of scholars, by far.

  22. Ok, femi imamu, I must tell U that Black people living in the west were delivered here by God as punishment for our sins. We remain in exile and continue to suffer because we turn our backs on our God and continue to worship false Gods. The west is going to be punished also for their sins.

  23. If you really want to see a REAL Brotha, check out Leo Muhammad. A Black man shouldn't use that term in reference to another Blackman. Remember it was the hooknoses that created that term.

  24. You couldn't say that better my brother, i told my princess the N word not be spoken in this home because irs a bad word let no black or white call you that , im from the south so i no that word can cut deep like a knife.


  26. Tracey Isom says:

    Indentured servants were "not" slaves. Indentured servants were apprentices that "entered a contract" on their own "free will" to learn a trade. When the contract was up they were free to do as they pleased. The contractor was responsible for the safety and livelihood of the the indentured servant he could be sued or jailed if the terms of the contract were not met. It was a trade agreement not captivity. Indentured servants were still considered and treated like "HUMAN BEINGS." And he was not the first to have indentured servants. Also, what African arrives in America already named Anthony Johnson? Johnson is not an African name. This was the worst history lesson in history. Smh.

  27. He is spot on, and his frustration is shared all over the Diaspora. One of the challenges is that we are not having these conversations, and when we do have these conversations, they turn into a "Let's-blame-each-other" frenzy. We need to stop that and focus on where the real problem and root causes lie, i.e.: internalized White supremacy. It's time we start addressing that.

  28. What is sad is he doesn't know his history like most… the word niggers derived from the word Negus in turn means Kings….look it up… now your history before you blast off… but I respect where he is coming from.. as well the Moors ruled the world and enslaved many countries. .. Europe. . Spain… etc…. the Moors were Africans…. 1000's of years.. over time they were taken over… now we see the results of the Greeks….

  29. He is right on point.

  30. As a white man that came up poor, I didn't feel it. At first. But, yes Sir, you're fuckin right. From a "whiteboy" perspective, let me just say: don't call me boy. I know that if we work together, we can turn it out. The real obstacle is the racist nonsense that keeps us from being a united force. Divided we fall. I'm fuckin sick of it.

  31. Lol go visit a reservation before you say you want to be put on them. My people are forgotten and worse off than any other race in this country.

  32. Connor Jones says:

    African tribes sold other Africans to slave traders

  33. David Turner says:

    Hebrew, we are Ju'dah

  34. David Banner has said it all hands down.

  35. A was trying to find something to say during my d amily reunion he just gave it to me.And not going to take credit it goes to him

  36. Ronald Oden says:

    This Brotha is REAL! David Banner you are 100% right, couldn't have said it better!

  37. Repha Reef says:

    I know about the meaning of NEGUS but the white man didn't use it for that same reason so tell me they did


  39. Tim Ratley says:

    I will say he has a good point on how this generation is turning out. That thing he couldn't put a word to when he was asking what's missing? It's morals David Banner…blacks whites and every other race on this planet has lost touch with our ancestries morals. These codes you speak of were founded on morals and not one race has them anymore…that's why it's called "The Me Generation"…I understand he is speaking specifically too blacks but his message pertains to all of us.

  40. I'm sure the whites did not mean to call black people kings.

  41. Well said. Very true!

  42. Colin Smith says:

    White man didn't make you slave's. You head tribeman or chief traded you for some salt and herbs. You was slave's to your own kind. Get real. What about the Irish being slave's. Probably don't know about out that.

  43. Jay MacNulty says:

    I'd have to say this man might be a bit racist himself. It was Africans that sold slaves to "the white people". He doesn't like the white race now days for something that happened before he was even born and preaches hate instead of peace. We as a people in whole are all enslaved and it doesn't take genius to figure that out. Everyone should be teaching races don't matter, were all the same. Only united can we overcome the oppression and slavery forced upon us. By the way blacks were but the only enslaved race. Whites (Irish), Egyptian's are some good examples.

  44. Andy Hamner says:

    That's kinda the way it really was…
    "[Until] the Civil War, slaves and indentured servants were considered personal property, and they or their descendants could be sold or inherited like any other personality. Like other property, human chattel was governed largely by laws of individual states." — from the Law Library of Congress

    Somewhere between half and 75% of the first immigrants here were indentured servants who bought their way to america with a promise to pay off passage by being sold to a property owner for labor. For each laborer brought over, an owner could receive 50 acres of land, called the "headright system". Indentures typically signed for 4-7 years of service, but there were many reasons used to cause the servitude to be extended: accused running away, laziness, theft, disrespect to the owner, pregnancy, for women. They mostly went straight to the tobacco, rice, wheat, and indigo fields (after 1722). The first black Africans came in 1619, when there were no slave laws, and they were treated like indentured servants: not well — whipped, lousy food, and always confined to the plantation. Indentured servants were promised things like land, clothing, a gun, money, barrels of food, and farm tools at the end of their confinement. Some did survive to get their "freedom dues" — maybe 40% of all indentured servants lived to get paid.

    Once Massachusetts got their slavery law thing on, just 22 years later, the other states/owners saw they could play elements of their workforce off against each other, white v/ black, and since slavery was becoming cheaper than indentured servitude, and the African visage and muscle was so different from the master's, those folks with the dark skin lost their "freedom dues", and poor whites were led to believe they had an advantage because of their greater similarity to the masters, than to the "slaves".

    Look here, y'all. Rich, property-owning people set us against each other centuries ago [see "ROOTS"] Then the conservative crowd moved in with Reagan and now we're back at it, loudmouth politics talking about entitlement programs, when the ones who are really entitled work the language and the system to their advantage and profit.

    Makes me tired for a minute.

  45. To Much bickering over petty shit like African/Isreal. He said he was a fuckin Man, and that should suffice.

  46. Too many niggas/negus get caught up in petty semantics. All niggaz want to do is argue all day about their silly ass ideologys and what david banner says goes right over their smart dumbass heads..

  47. t was put on the white men ships was allready born into slavery what the hell give our kings the right to in slave other black people we was

  48. This comment shit don't work right I can not say what I want that's why my shit is broken in pieces

  49. There is some truth to what David Banner is saying, however until we/he kill the root of our problem we will continue to be in the predicament we are in. Highest teenage pregnancy rate, highest school drop out rate, highest unemployment rate. A lot of our problems stem from the 400+ years of being oppressed and left behind the economic curve, but at some point we need to wake up and do for self. We still have grown ass men walking around with there pants sagging and thinking is cool, women still putting weave and who knows what in there head. Knowledge of self is the key to redemption.

  50. Kortez TK says:

    You're too quick to blame those who were used. Yes, you're a shallow person. I don't know you well enough to call you an actual moron, but you may very well be one. If you cannot see that my ancestors, the Native Americans, were not abused, too, enslaved to the point of becoming mascots on sports teams, and being told that is a high compliment, then you, too, are in the trap. The only thing we have in common, is that the European came here and inflicted their hell on both of us. Get with it, if you can. You're living a delusion.

  51. So what…it is still slavery, and a lot of freed slaves, bought their families that were sold separately.

  52. Ron Ash says:

    We are already being put on "reservations". They are called prisons.

  53. Jessica Scott indians are a tribe belonging to the 12 tribes of israel. what was done to us by the european was foretold. you will be restored to your former glory. you are lucky to be on a reservation because you have full control of your lives. police cannot touch you. the laws of the white man do not apply to you. you have control of your education, government, healthcare and the things that matter..

  54. stop with the propaganda. you are still guilty as hell.

  55. Jay MacNulty says:

    Wow, I'm surprised you can actually write in English since you obviously can not read it! I stated other races have been used as slaves and gave some examples. Examples meaning, there are more than the ones I gave. I'm sorry you are butt hurt I didn't mention your race as well and with your comment it just proves hire stupid people really are out there. Why can't you be nice to people instead of hiding behind a computer like a little bitch that you are. You don't see me going around verbally attacking people on here because my ancestors were abused and enslaved in the past. THAT WAS THE PAST my friend and as such should be remembered but not forgotten so we as a people can learn from it. Yes, it's sad what happened in this country but are you telling me you choose to be born a native American? I'm pretty sure you didn't have a choice just like he rest of us. So, don't come crying to me like I did this and that to you when I took no part in it and neither did you. All you can do is make the best of your life right here and now. Stop spreading hate and practice loving one another so we can all ride and be what we were meant to be. And for the record I'm part native American myself.

  56. the gentiles want to steal your identity. they think they are us. the are stark with it, going so far as to tell you to your face, that "race does not matter. race is a construct. race is whatever you say it is" BS, all BS. WE are not going to give up our race and we are not going to turn our race over to them.

  57. Ron Ash that is not my definition of reservations. if we were on reservations, there would not be so many of us locked up. they would have to lock up their own.

  58. what book is found 2 Esdras?

  59. Farntella Graham
    Apocrypha Books

    The apocrypha is a selection of books which were published in the original 1611 King James Bible. These apocryphal books were positioned between the Old and New Testament (it also contained maps and geneologies). The apocrypha was a part of the KJV for 274 years until being removed in 1885 A.D. A portion of these books were called deuterocanonical books by some entities, such as the Catholic church.

    Many claim the apocrypha should never have been included in the first place, raising doubt about its validity and believing it was not God-inspired (for instance, a reference about magic seems inconsistent with the rest of the Bible: Tobit chapter 6, verses 5-8). Others believe it is valid and that it should never have been removed- that it was considered part of the Bible for nearly 2,000 years before it was recently removed a little more than 100 years ago. Some say it was removed because of not finding the books in the original Hebrew manuscripts. Others claim it wasn't removed by the church, but by printers to cut costs in distributing Bibles in the United States. Both sides tend to cite the same verses that warn against adding or subtracting from the Bible: Revelation 22:18. The word 'apocrypha' means 'hidden.' Fragments of Dead Sea Scrolls dating back to before 70 A.D. contained parts of the apocrypha books in Hebrew, including Sirach and Tobit [source].

  60. First recorded slave owner in america was a black man who fought to own a black man And Won!

  61. Kane Bleek says:

    White people did not have intentions on referring to us as kings, however I feel as though black culture now uses the word as a term of endearment, taking the negative life out of the word allowing us and only is to use it as we see fit

  62. Joe Jones says:

    I kno it's easy to blame white folks for what their ancestors did but correct me if I'm wrong, didn't Africans sell Africans to ppl looking for slaves? European settlers didn't care where the slaves came from.

  63. Joe Jones says:

    Don't make it right it's evil as hell but don't tag me for evil deeds done by other ppl. I don't blame a whole race for actions of a few

  64. the first legal slave owner in this country was a black man.

  65. Joe Black says:

    Keep speaking truth brother we met at the hip hop award show 2008 I was with Dr. West. Stay strong in ur work and witness. Peace King

  66. Study whites were slaves dumbass.

  67. Phyl Powo says:

    Suggesting, that oh, some slave owner was black, now let's all go home, this is just dumb, lameless thinking.

  68. Coffee no sugar no cream plain truth!!!

  69. My brother. You are speaking.the truth ,when you lisen to a rap song they use the n word the h word the b word so disrespectful. to. our black women .Some of foolish. women sing the song .Black men where are thy we have lost our way..

  70. Ill Will says:

    Ill never call a black man nigga again

  71. Know thyself. Wake up black people.

  72. Billy Helms says:

    "They did it too" is the number one reason why we don't see progression in this country. No one accepts responsibility for what they did. Yes there were slaves in Africa, yes whites were slaves too. The whites oppression ended when they were freed and our form of slavery in Afrika was more like labor camps for POWs. It was nothing compared to the hell that continues here.

  73. Billy Helms says:

    They stopped sending them when they realized how horrible they were being treated. No Afrikan King ever sold his own people. He sold prisoners of war from other tribes.

  74. Billy Helms says:

    The root of the problem is White Supremacy. Even in its death th mental slavery may continue. No matter how many of us become "conscious" we can't save everyone because our leaders will be made to look like radicals or terroists.

  75. Joe Jones says:

    I don't doubt what ur saying, but the only to get rid of racism is to show love to all of God's children and squash this animosity and stop using the color of my skin to blame me for evil deeds done by ppl that lived in the dirt a long time before I was born.

  76. Billy Helms says:

    Whose God do you serve? The African systems of spirituality and religion are the Mother of all others. There is no Islam, Hindu, Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, Sihkism, or anything else without US.

  77. Joe Jones says:

    The ppl that were evil are paying their debts to God I didn't inherit any debt because of me skin color

  78. Sylvia Long says:

    Jay, you want undestand. If you can walk in a black person shoes. You on the outside looking in. The Black race get blame for all the murdering, where did the gun come from. Black people get blamed for drugs, did they grow are make the drugs, And most of the time they look for jobs they get denied, So how can they eat. They get blame for being lazy. Everytime they try to do things the right way they get profile and denied. Blackks aren't the only one who receive welfare or other programs. But we are the one who get blame excepting welfare to survive because you get denied a job. We get the worst end of the stick. I don't understand why people are saying a black person was the first to own a slave show mr some proof.

  79. Just a question. I make $300 month, I cant get a job to save my life, my ancestors never had the money to own slaves and in fact I think they got here after the civil war, so what do I have to own up to? And where is this white privilege for me? Now please understand, I do know there is white privilege out there, but it has to do with class because I am the type of white person they would not be excepted in those circles. Because the way he sounds, he would label all white people in this. Not the ones who are the reason. Because there are white people out there that are fighting against this as well. Because I'm seeing what he is as well, but if he wants to go there, their are white people loosing their identity to black culture as well. Or is it no one is loosing their culture but creating a new one where the lines are being blinded. I have cousins who have married black guys, a sister who is half mexican and none of us shy away from those parts of us, but we as well are still who we are. so maybe we are not really loosing culture, but evolving………. I hope someone can see my question in that…….

  80. Mark Souza says:

    Farntella Graham propaganda has been coming from all fronts.. its rather hilarious. You have wierd and disturbing justifications and one side, then you got picking and choosing to fit a particular narrative on the other. My popcorn has gone stale lol

  81. Mark Souza says:

    seems like everyone tryin to make up their own lil history nowadays.. lol.. whatever truth is relevent to you tho

  82. Ajani Nogomo says:


  83. Femi Imamu says:

    Michael Wallace by your post to this it would lead one to also believe your education has been cut short of your historic I.Q. and I am beginning to think you are one of the many brothers that likes to play racial victim. Please educate yourself further by visiting your closest college library, thank you and God bless.

  84. Femi Imamu says:

    Tracey Isom I can not comment to your posting until you re-read my post. It seems you have just briefly skimmed it, or just not comprehending it, Thank you…

  85. Tracey Isom says:

    Femi, I read your post in it's entirety. It began as a "free of charge history lesson" but, seemed to read more so as proof reparations are/were not warranted for African "slaves." In which I disagree. Also, your argument was based mainly upon the fact that Anthony Johnson owned indentured servants, whom once was a servant himself and is proof that indentured service was "not" a life sentence and thus not the same as slavery. It ended when the servitude contract was fulfilled. After that, freedom dues were paid. After his servitude, Anthony contracted his own servants. He went to court to reclaim the servant(s) who breached their contract with him by leaving his plantation and becoming employed with someone else. His argument was that "their labor" (and consequently him/them) was his "property" contractually; and he won. The servants were mandated to return and complete their obligations and the contract may have been lengthened because they breached it. That is not the same as slavery. Life was no piece of cake for the servant but, if they made it to the end of their contract they could walk as citizens and were free to roam America as they pleased. The slavery that warrants reparations is that of kidnap and captivity, the Africans that were captured in Africa and sold through the transatlantic slave trade. The ones who were separated from family, lived life in shackles, dehumanized, robbed of their beliefs, denied education, beat and/or killed because their master "Just Felt Like It" for their "entire" lives; they deserved reparations from the "govt." The masters got their reparation after slavery ended and it was promised to both the master and the slave or did you not know that. Previously, when slave laws came into existence, "all" dark skinned freemen in America were captured and "enslaved" by whites unless vouched for by another white man. Mulattos (children produced by African servants and white contractors) were the exception, who were not considered Africans by whites nor did they consider themselves African and could not be proved to be African by the color of their skin (many could pass for white). Mostly mulattos owned "slaves" and fought in support of slavery. After Africans were not considered "human" and were legally deemed slaves, white servants/slaves were freed and became slave drivers or given land to become slave owners themselves. I'm not disputing the "facts" you presented, just the reason you presented them. What began as a informative "free of charge history lesson," ended up a persuasive argument supporting your position on reparations and I disagree. Your thesis states whites don't owe us reparations. Technically, they don't. However, many take the same stance on reparations as you, and by majority have blocked it since it was promised. So, technically some do. As I stated earlier, reparations were promised by the Government to both "the slave" and the slave owner. Master has gotten his reparations; Yet, the slaves are "still" waiting. I'm with Andy, this topic is not about right or wrong. It's about dividing the mid & lower class, by race, so the upper class can maintain control and remain in the upper class for generations and generations to come.

  86. Jason Bogan says:

    Africans also sold everyone they could as slaves..slave traders were only interested in the big africans tho..i dont think they knew they would treat their slavez like they treat their animals.

  87. Femi Imamu says:

    Tracey Isom Where I am confused at is, your first posting to this, is that "This was the worst history lesson in history. Smh." However how is that possible when everything I stated in my post was 100% accurate with documentation. Also I am not sure where you see in my post that I said that "indentured Servants" were anything like a "slave"? I am well aware about the differences of indentured servants and slavery. Please fix my confusion on what you missed there. The mulatto's were actually originally "bred" with the Irish slaves and the African slaves to increase productivity for cheap.( we can get into that later) Nowhere in this post do I even say that reparations should or should not be met, but rather (I will re-post the morale stated in the post) "before you go screaming at "White People" to pay you, your reparations be sure it wasn't a black slave owner that owned your ancestors, AND you better be sure that it wasn't YOUR family that was one of the Black slave Owners, because you may find out, you owe a family of white people reparations!
    and this is where you can stop blaming white people for the American Slavery, cause both sides are pretty guilty!" I hope that this clears things up on that situation. Have a blessed day!

  88. this dude in my opinion isnt really with the studying part of our culture, we now know that the word nigga wasnt invented by whites. in fact it was used as a term to make fun of our peoples fall. for example when a "slave" show signs of being from a royal family he was called "prince" and the same goes for the women who were sometimes named "queen" the word nigga or Nugas is an ancient word used in many different culture to discribe our people. we were once Gods to them. some might remember there was a campaign to stop people from using the word, it was on all the black sitcoms..however the truth behind it, was to stop people from reseaching the word and making the connections.

    question: if we stop saying "nigga" will the police stop killing us?

  89. Amanda Mays says:

    Actually his people enslaved them first

  90. I've given up on the idea that blacks and whites will ever live together in harmony. It's just not going to happen. He's right, integration between blacks and whites was and is a pipe dream, a bad idea.

  91. Tracey Isom says:

    Femi, I think it's best to just agree that our opinions differ and we/I may be missing each other's/your point. However, on a more positive note, your post rekindled my interest in history once again, and through fact checking myself, I learned a great deal more on this topic. You have a blessed day as well.

  92. Real shit fuk them white devils

  93. Femi Imamu says:

    Tracey, I can agree with that. You are obviously a very intelligent young man, that is great that you have rekindled your interest in history, and if you are ever looking for great documented literature, I would recommend visiting your closest college library, I have found that allot of information on the net tends to be skewed and missing allot more data. college libraries will usually have information on research data for finding accurate documentation for finding more truth in our world history. I hope you have a great weekend and God bless you.

  94. True slavery occurs and still occurs in Africa. That is a fact. The problem however is that typically in the different african tribes as they are different people (just like french, slavic, polish, etc) that enslave other tribe do to warring territories or conflicts in much ways American natives did before their near entire genocide due to manifest destiny. When Europeans came over in the mid 16th century, they were not at war with anyone. They just saw cheap, disposable labor that they can force to work, rape and kill at anytime. Did africans sell slaves to Europeans? Absolutely. Did they know nor care what was to happen? no as they were in it for money. But make no mistake Europeans on the majority of time, in those days, were in the business of forced labor. But still yes Africans still enslaved other africans but they never called each other nigger either and slaves had a higher chance of freedom from their African captors their then those of Euro decent.

  95. True slavery occurs and still occurs in Africa. That is a fact. The problem however is that typically in the different african tribes as there are different people (just like french, slavic, polish, etc) that enslave other tribe do to warring territories or conflicts in much ways American natives did before their near entire genocide due to manifest destiny. When Europeans came over in the mid 16th century, they were not at war with anyone. They just saw cheap, disposable labor that they can force to work, rape and kill at anytime. Did africans sell slaves to Europeans? Absolutely. Did they know nor care what was to happen? no as they were in it for money. But make no mistake Europeans on the majority of time, in those days, were in the business of forced labor. But still yes Africans still enslaved other africans but they never called each other nigger either and slaves had a higher chance of freedom from their African captors their then those of Euro decent.

  96. OPERATION RE-ENGAGING FREEDOM: Is another civic excursion to black pearl, #Haiti – ayibobo!

  97. all I know is that Black people are here because of our sins. we were delivered to our enemies for enslavement just as we were slaves in egypt. I do not want to be here when white people get punished for their sins.

  98. wake up joe. this shit did not happen so long ago. this is recent history we are talking about here. my grandmother died in 2009. she was 100 years old. her mother lived under jim crow and her grandmother was a slave. so please stop with the "it happened long ago" song. when I was born in the 50s they were hanging Black people from trees in this country. it is documented in pictures.

  99. Joe Jones says:

    Farntella Graham so u ignore the actual point because was born in 82 and said it happened long before I was born? The point was I don't owe any debts because I was born with a certain skin color but you would rather not address that huh.

  100. Joe Jones says:

    God loves you just like he loves all colors, I not worried because God is with all of his children even angry one's like you Farntella Graham.

  101. Mar Crawford says:

    I love when a brother or sister decides to be enlightened.
    We need more of our men to step up and be vocal like him.
    Karen Hunter is his.female.counter part. I love them both!

  102. Femi Imamu says:

    I speak on behalf knowledge and human race, not as Black vs. White, and for you to get so angry about me sharing this, shows that you are apart of the problem in America. Lol, and for you to say that "white supremacy" was behind the blacks owning black slaves shows you're not intelligent, but rather driven by hate for the "White man". Grow up Emmett and open a book.
    It is NOT JUST white supremacy that is the problem, it is ALL races that choose to judge each other over an individual's stupidity. How can we as black people sit here and focus our anger on only "Whites" when we are killing each other at a faster rate?
    We have videos showing us savagely beating on others with babies in their arms, or a ton load of videos of us fighting and jumping people, no wonder we are looked at like we are, because the black youth would rather share those kinds of videos rather than the positive ones. In your response to me being a sellout, I can in confidence say, I have done more for my African American brothers and sisters than you have. Aim your racial hatred elsewhere, it is uneducated hate mongers like yourself that I try to avoid, so there will not be a back and forth, cause this will be my only reply to you, African justice? you know nothing about African justice. Good day Keyboard warrior!

  103. Emmett Xaa says:

    Femi something is wrong with you! No matter slavery was illegal and that's why it came to an end. American chattel slavery was the worst in America. So spare me with your truth about Africans owning slaves. I guess you can say since African cops kill African Americans police abuse is Okay? Yes you are correct about the history of some Africans owing slaves but it does not dismiss the fact that white supremacy was behind it. And reparations was paid to slave owners and not the African slaves end point. Don't be a sellout your whole life fool. And no I will not go back and forth with you but wish we could meet and give you some African justice- you do the math!

  104. That day will come when the Black collective moves beyond the superficial and operates from a critical thought process. The sad reality is that the majority are not ready to let go of their dependency on the dominant culture.

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