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24 thoughts on “This Prominent NAACP Leader Has Been Passing for Black, But Is the Backlash She’s Receiving Fair?

  1. Dave Mills says:

    This is without exception the weirdest, most outrageous story I have read for a long, long time. It actually made me laugh. Upto this moment, I still don't know if I'm outraged at the deceit, or flattered by the fact she would go to all this trouble to appear as a Black woman. Crazy!

  2. If this woman identifies more with African Americans, what's wrong with that? I don't care if she's green, if she is doing her job and getting things done on behalf of African Americans, so be it. We are never satisfied, if someone wants to be a part of the most hated race on earth, there must be something special about her. She's got a love for people as all people should have. We need more people like her. She knows who we are and can testify to it. More power to her.

  3. Cheryl Lane says:

    My Mother always said "never trust a liar!!"

  4. Well if she Native American that bloodline stem from a Progenitor that is Negro. Scottish and Irish would have some mixture blood with Moors and Hebrews. So I'm not offended or outrage, when I first visited Louisiana in the mid 70's a lot my grand father's first cousins were white.

  5. But why lie about it. If you wanted to help us and believe in the black struggle then just help, but you decide to lie on government forms, darken your skin, change your hair and ultimately deceive everyone around you and gained a prominent position because of that lie.

    at this point you seem more like a saboteur or someone just playing a game by leading a double life.

  6. Sd Humphrey says:

    carol a newman WHAT? did she DECIDE to be Black because that means it's normal, acceptable, and mandatory to lie as a "Black thang to become one with her people?" did she BELIEVE that honesty is NOT an ability or criteria of AFRICAN american life and society? her identifying with AFRICAN americans is NOT the problem or controversy! even the NAACP knows/says that people are people in service to the cause of "the advancement of COLORED people".

    LYING is simply not good skill execution NOR is it necessary when the thing you do is for good! this liar obviously is out for her own gain and benefit.

  7. Could it be that it was convenient for her to become Black for the financial benefits that she has received as a result of her position? Simply put she is a liar and fake but as I am seeing many Black People has come to love lies.

  8. I agree fully with your mother.

  9. Sd Humphrey First we are all of African decent, her family is in denial, just as most caucasians are. The fact, there is no such thing as white people, it's made up All people have African Ancestry. She has accepted who she is. She apparently has the ability to do the job whatever her so called race is. If she were not doing the job they would not have her in that position. She is the one who says she is African American, she is the one who would rather be associated with African Americans instead of being a separatist. She is the one wearing the afro, she is the one who will have to explain her position. You don't have to like it but she is the person the NAACP chose to hire and she is the person still in that position. African Americans have passed for caucasian for hundreds of years because it was their quality of life they were more concerned with instead of race. If she is helping the advancement of the Colored people, so be it. By the way, where are the 2 acres and mule our ancestors were promised? Sounds like a lie to me along with the other lies we as a race have been told. We as a race have been told all our lives not to lie while the powers that be lie all the time. It's time for a paradigm shift, when it comes to who can lie and who cannot we need to face the facts. It apparently depends on the circumstances..

  10. Deon Fenton says:

    Who cares! the chick is IRIE!

  11. Chris Lord says:

    Rachel Dolezal, Should be given a medal for representing real people in her job, She assimilated into being the same mindset as her adopted family members who were afro American, And their is no Law in the American institution that demands that any person has to declare what race they are, But she signed a form relating to being both black and white, Now we all accepted a white man as your hero , yes you all did and his name was The great Michael Jackson, he was both black and white , and no one really cared. Then M&M CAME AND WENT A WHITE MAN WITH A BLACK HEART, This woman was the oldest of her siblings whom were accordingly afro American through adoption and she was the oldest whom assimilated into being of the same mindset as her siblings, being afro American, REMEMBER , jungle book a child assimilated into being an ape because he was brought up by apes , and children that are brought up in different households also become what they learn to love. People change their faith and their religion as they grow up from whatever reason they choose, People turn to islam and change the way they dress wearing a ji-hab ,, white women tan themselves and have their hair curled , and wear afro wigs, black women straighten their hair and some put blond straks in their afro hair to be accepted and assimilate into acceptance by whites. WHAT HAS THIS GIRL DONE THAT BOTH BLACK AND WHITE WOMAN HAVEN OT DONE ALREADY. Except help others , she deserves a medal. Pluss she has broken down racial barriers that she sees as unjust in America , and those stupid black woman barking about being accepted , and why , you are concerned with the black white issue is beyond me, your acting like your opposite task masters , STOP BEING BLEEDIN RACIST, Because your propmoting racism in condemning her.ime glad ime not American in any way if this is how you treat someone whom has a heart of gold. ime glad I live in the u.k away from all you complainers.

  12. She is pathetic and so are those who support her deception. She's an empty, woman with no soul.

  13. Fraud is deceptive but we all have been deceptive in ways to get our way. I feel we need to leave people alone and forgive them as long as we realize people have feelings. We all need to embrace each other with open arms and be more exceptable but not with your principals. We can keep our principals without hurting get another's feelings.

  14. SHE LIED. BTW…..if in my soul, I thought I was white, does that mean they'll stop following me around Neiman Marcus & from never being good enough?

  15. I am more concerned about Relisha Rudd Tamir Rice and Albert Woodfox?

  16. Sd Humphrey says:

    Carol A Newman it was a promise of "40 acres and a mule" and the fact that that bald faced lie was told BY RACISTS doesn't make this woman's lie any more correct! I'd have more respect for her "work" if she was an honest person. because she made the decision NOT to be honest, she is NOT trustworthy.

    BTW, anybody that has intelligence KNOWS that everybody has AFRICAN ancestry. I have been a part of this group of people since I was FIVE YEARS OLD.

  17. It is more than to identify or to have more than African ancestry! She obtain scholarship, jobs under false pretenses. This women was getting pay to speak and tell her story as African American woman, mind you it is a false narrative! She falsified her identity on official documents!

  18. Where does it say she was getting paid to speak, She may have given presentations,
    which were probably part of her job. How do you know she obtained scholarships, where did you get that?

  19. this is some sick shit. I wonder what role the parents played in her pathology. why did they adopt Black children? were they conducting some sick experiment? why did they send their daughter to sub-par Black schools, although I concede theschools may not have been subpar? why do white people seem obsessed with Black people? I do not think white people should be allowed to adopt Black children.

  20. Giovanni Dun says:

    she's alright to me.

  21. Could it be she just hate being white because of what she has heard and witness growing up in a white community.

  22. Only a white person would make this kind of statement because in the eyes of some white people they think they are better than everyone else and witnessing this kind of rejection from a white person is heart wrenching. But I sympathies with her because being a black woman I have experience many evil and hurtful things at the hands of white people and I know the wickedness that's within them and there is no amount of money in the world that would make me want to be white. I know there is good and evil in all the nations of people but the wickedest folks in the world are white. I recently learned that white folks used black babies to catch the big alligators to sell for money to add another entity to what's already in existence. So y'all need to leave this woman alone I don't blame her for trying to escape that kind of madness.

  23. So keep you comments in the U.K. too.

  24. Evangelist Alesia Graham Good morning, "Evangelist". Rachel was raised in a loving, peaceful, family who saved four black boys lives — from the neglect of their black parents.
    Sounds like a terrible life she had, doesn't it.
    Go run your Al Sharpton narrative on someone who;.
    ~ hasn't fostered a dozen black children,
    ~ hasn't worked in reviving black educational ventures,
    ~ hasn't sold his possessions and gone to work and LIVE in a mens shelter in Baltimore with mostly black men.
    ~ hasn't worked in black neighborhoods in Baltimore with the Adopt-A-Block program, fighting, crime and poverty while ministering the gospel of Jesus Christ,
    ~ hasn't worked ten years in a white, Christian, Baltimore church as the director of International Ministries, helping African students get the people, places and things they needed to attend Johns Hopkins School of Medicine,
    ~ and hasn't had a half black granddaughter graduate two years early as class valedictorian — LIKE I HAVE.
    P.s. I don't go around bringing up the atrocities Atilla the Hun (black) inflicted on my Sicilian (Italy) ancestors. You know, Attila the Hun, the notorious barbarian horseman, who terrorized and ravaged the European Continent?
    You're funny.

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