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9 thoughts on “You Won’t Believe What These Baltimore Cops Say About Freddie Gray in This Exclusive Interview

  1. these puss azz cops need to show there face! this is not being open.

  2. The person to the left is a female.

  3. Those cops are cowards they hide their face and change a voice just scary cause they know they wont speak so everyone see they face what kind of man hides his face while speaking his opinion SMH.

  4. Norman Scott says:

    This is all BS. They keep saying that a video was being use so we wouldn't do anything that will jepordize their career. In essence what they are saying is they would do harm if a camera wasn't around. They also say this is nothing different than they do everyday. This statement is very true because the Baltimore police use unlawful tactics everyday.

  5. Rod Milton says:

    Well, truth be told…if anyone decides to youtube it a black dude who was locked up with Freddy Gray did say he injured himself on purpose.

  6. They were actually in different cabinets and he never saw him. He only heard noises

  7. Joe Boyle says:

    freddy grey got what he asked for.

  8. Ogun Sango says:

    Stop it with that coon shit. That dude went on tape and said he never said that. That's a fucking lie.

  9. Ogun Sango says:

    I call on the Egun and my Egungun to bring the wrath of all those who have suffered under your pale hands to bring devastation and pain onto you! Ase`

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