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Drunken Brawl Outside Baltimore Club Leads to Police Sergeant’s Arrest

Baltimore police are investigating video of a uniformed officer assaulting a woman, then throwing her to the ground outside a strip club and bar in downtown Baltimore.

It turns out the woman is Baltimore police Sgt. Henrietta Middleton, who has since been suspended, department officials told WBAL-TV.

Baltimore Police

Witnesses said the officer assaulted the woman, then threw her to the ground “like a rag doll.” (WBAL-TV / video screenshot)

Witnesses who filmed the early Sunday morning incident says the shocking video shows the officer punch the woman and then drag her to the ground “like a rag doll.”

“What I saw was a man punching a woman full force in the face, like he was brawling with another man,”  Gary Massey, who filmed the incident, told the Baltimore Sun. “I’m not saying she wasn’t out of order or being disruptive, but he’s clearly stronger than this lady.”

Witnesses said police eventually led Middleton away in handcuffs. The officer in question was also taken from the scene.

“I think they got him out of there; the crowd was outraged,” a witness told WBAL-TV.

Middleton, a 12-year veteran of the force, was later suspended for drunk and disorderly conduct.

In a statement, department spokesman T.J. Smith said “when officers arrived, they observed the patron acting in a disorderly manner. The female patron approached an officer and refused to comply. She was arrested and charged on a criminal citation for drunk and disorderly conduct. She was identified as Henrietta Middleton … who’s currently assigned to the Inspector General’s Office.”

The incident is the latest in a string of damaging encounters involving Baltimore officers. Earlier this month, a cop was caught on tape sucker-punching a suspect and was later indicted on first-degree assault charges.

Police are still investigating Sunday’s incident. The male officer involved remains unnamed.

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