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14 thoughts on “Dr. Joy DeGruy Flawlessly Demolishes the Myth That Slavery Has No Impact on Today’s World

  1. my, my, my, deep and sad truth………….

  2. PhD Joy DeGruy in my Minister on Sunday Morning. That's the only type person we need to bring us out of Darkness.

  3. Well done Dr. DeGruy. It is refreshing to hear someone say something so important and say it so well.

  4. Bob Satori says:

    This makes a lot of sense. But, while she's right that not labeling everything "culture" is a start, is there a viable way out of the cycle? I'm guessing that Dr. DeGyuy is promoting relocation/integration, but it seems there is a lot of pressure against doing that, from both sides.

  5. Its like living in a house with the person who assuled you, you wake up with an attutede, Do your work with an attitude, cook mad as heck, tend to the children with an attitude,,,you dont forget youve been assulted…the children pick up on that attitude,,,they mock it. Its becomes woven into your daily lifestyle. Head shaking, hip slinging, lip smacking …..ooohhhh now I overstand it. Tramatic

  6. Listen,there is persecution against many..the jews,blacks,Christians etc.Always was and probably always will be.Take care of your personal life and get on with it.We can't go through life blaming everyone else for our problems…no matter who we are.I f you want to hang on to slavery…please!The civil rights movement happened people.There will always be bigots in every race.

  7. Denise Smith says:

    what in the dark will come to the light,these are hinden truths that we need to know so that we can stop being bline,and know what has happen to us as a people. you dont have to blame the true will do that all by it self.

  8. Look, there's one now!

  9. well please don't hang on to 9/11 either. It was in the past. There will probably always be bombings and killings. Taake care of your personal life.

  10. You clearly have not gone deeper than the superficial. You can say this because your history is very very very different.

  11. Poor Teknon Man don't much care

  12. Keith Peters says:

    Know The Ledge…

  13. We are not asking for you to hang on with us. Just grant us equity and we will continue to do the work that has been taken credit for off of our backs. The imbalance continues for us and our children's starting line continues to be behind the oppressor's. When that is balanced then you can talk to the folks who keep bringing it up. Otherwise don't tell us how we should do things when it will always be in your benefit for us to keep quiet. Your lack of knowledge or willful ignorance is immediately apparent when you make that type of statement.

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