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Watch Dr. Joy DeGruy Expertly Dismantle White People Who Call Black People Lazy


Renowned researcher and educator Dr. Joy DeGruy speaks to a crowd of academics in this classic 2008 clip from a London lecture about post traumatic slave syndrome.

In the video clip, DeGruy starts with two quotes from Thomas Jefferson. The first is a warning to white America about the dangers of slavery and backlash that will soon come. The other calls Black people unattractive, smelly and lazy.

In reference to lazy, the renowned educator talks about the origins of the old adage: “Black people must work twice as hard to get half of what whites have.”

To point out the irony of this quotation, she dives into the working conditions of enslaved people working on Caribbean sugar plantations. DeGruy states that enslaved Black people were worked so hard they often died. Because of this, white slavers had to bring in more enslaved Black people. Females were fed so poorly and treated so badly they never reached their menstrual cycles.

“Black people run from the shame of being perceived as lazy. I live with that so much that when I go to hotels, I would leave it cleaner than I found it,” DeGruy says.

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7 thoughts on “Watch Dr. Joy DeGruy Expertly Dismantle White People Who Call Black People Lazy

  1. This is so important. I've shared it across all of my social media pages. AnceSTAR Dr. Frances Cress Welshing is watching from somewhere and she is proud.

  2. Ain't never seen a racist blow this much hot air!!!

  3. Brian Hazel says:

    Yeah, the things she describes never happened right?
    I guess you don't think the Holocaust happened either, right?
    That pesky little thing called history.
    So easy to re-write when you repeat something long enough.
    Good luck with that.

  4. Brian Hazel THAT our self taught ingrained bull crap!!! NOTHING and I mean NOTHING happens to and black alive!!! The THINGS she describes are just that THINGS! And them you crybaby's use it to cry POOR OH ME we want money,and black privledge cause our ANCESTORS were slaves!! Well here's a little history and I'm SURE it never happened you will say! Who sold blacks first have you heard that history lesson? I'm sure you haven't! This post is about BLACKS not Holocaust's didn't have nothing to do with that either and u have no right to speak on them they were victims of a diffrent culture and like BLACKS tell us all the time don't talk about us you don't know our history! I DO KNOW THIS you will never get REPERATIONS! You don't care about your damn future killing ya selves off left and right destroying the world you want to take over and you wanna talk about HISTORY?? Work on your future for these kids stop teaching them to gang bang and prison is a pipe line you go to prison YOU earn that hell from selling drugs,killing,violence you name it theirs isn't anything in your culture that's hands off!!! You keep eatn that bulls##t crap made up history! And further more your not a victim none alive are! I'll pay reparations when they track down the black man that sold his own black brother and he pays out first TO THE SLAVES NOT YOU!!! Good luck with that!!! Now u have a good one!!!!

  5. Annie Kitchin when you reply with insults or baseless issues to the topic at hand that shows how ignorant YOU truely are!!

  6. Kal Raye says:

    Oh really, you are a very simple person and I can understand the fact that a computer with all that information and a little bit of the truth is out there for everyone to investigate. I can surmise that you are computer illiterate. You don't know anything about REPERATIONS or the Jews and the holocaust and that there were millions more black jews killed in africa than white jews in Europe during World War II. Despite what you think about prisons there are still more whites imprisoned than blacks for horrible crimes. Of course when they get out after killing there mother,father, infant babies, and the dog, the get hired right away. The only thing you worry about is making sure you shave every day. And by the way jews were the biggest slave traders in recorded history, there own historians verified that and might I also mentioned that the bible names a very well known figure that was sold into slavery by his brothers, he saved Pharoh don't u know?

  7. Michelle Middleton, As usual, passing the the buck, having pillaged half a continent. As Jefferson said, no getting away from God.

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