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10 Reasons Why Every Black College Student Should Watch and Learn From ‘A Different World’

by Melanie McCoy

The Cosby Show spin-off sitcom A Different World received a major upgrade after its first season and became one of the most influential Black sitcoms of all time, especially for Black college students. Here are at least 10 reasons why every Black college student needs to watch A Different World. adw graduation Black Colleges Showing Love

In the third season and 12th episode of A Different World “Here’s to Old Friends,” Dwayne Wayne considers leaving Hillman, an historically Black college and university, to attend a predominantly white institution after hearing his friend state because everyone at Hillman is Black and equal that it provides a “false sense of reality.” “When you were applying to colleges was Hillman your first choice?” Dwayne asks Whitley Gilbert. Whitley responds stating, “Of course! I was accepted at Georgetown and when I turned them down my guidance counselor threw a hissy fit.” Her guidance counselor believed that by Whitley attending an HBCU that she was limiting herself, but Whitley explains that attending an HBCU shows Black college students how to love themselves because it also loves them in return.

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