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10 thoughts on “This Girl From the McKinney,Texas Pool Party Gives a Scathing Opinion on Why She Thinks Cops Reacted in Such an Aggressive Manner

  1. Sly Randolph says:

    I think first and foremost is that this cop/lose canon came onto the scene way to hyped up considering the fact that it was a disturbance call involving teenagers. The other officers were as calm and was assessing the situation. there was only one fight between the teen giving the party and an adult, who I understand was her mother. Not sure of that. Anyhow, when the cop lost his balance and fell backwards, I feel his pride was hurt and he felt humiliated! But it was all his fault for being so "overly hyped!" That's when his racial animosity went into full effect and at that point he didn't see teenagers, he saw black people which really angered him. You can hear some of the statements he made that were clearly inappropriate, talking about having to carry 20 pounds of equipment on him and having to deal with "them" in the heat. If you don't like the weight of police armor (designed to protect you) and the equipment (gun, flashlight, taser, loaded magazines, radio, etc.), then why the hell did you take the damn job? He needs to be terminated for "conduct unbecoming" and sued for causing physical and emotional distress on the young lady and for violating those young folks civil rights. As for the white folks in that neighborhood that applaud his behavior, "they are who they are." Racists will be racists. Nothing you can do about that. You just hope they get the opportunity to experience an injustice such as having their unarmed child or loved one murdered unnecessary by a cop so they can see how it feels.

  2. Manya Ponder says:

    Sly Randolph, you said it perfectly. "CONDUCT UNBECOMING"

  3. AMERIKKKA,s Police force is being exposed for the way it treats BLACKS in this Country!

  4. Jr De Lamean says:

    what leave, they should show zero tolerance to this kind of behave and just let him go. on the lawsuit he should shoulder the cost as an individual. how do such individuals get enlisted and even end up with two v's on their epilates.

  5. What…when I first viewed this I thought it was a Reno 911 joke…did you see the way he tumbled…now what the hell was tgat about. He was really hyped up

  6. Bev Cashen says:

    What were the people in this neighborhood so afraid of?

  7. David Rose says:

    He was turned up!

  8. I disagree. The police force is REMINDING us how it treats BLACKs in this country.

  9. Its always that one cop that makes the rest look bad. I'm black and older, its ashame that y'all young folks can't have fun without fighting. And the cops being called all the time. I see it all the time.

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