8 Facts You May Not Know About the Extermination of Australia’s Aborigines



The British killed an entire island of Black indigenous individuals.

Tasmania is an isolated island located off the southern coast of Australia. An article released by Atlanta Blackstar last year said the British would “slaughter, kidnap and enslave the Black people of Tasmania.” Black men were used for target practice, Black women were used as sex slaves, and Black babies were roasted. In fact, Dr. Gary Foley, an Australian Aboriginal Gumbaynggir activist, academic, writer and actor, wrote that “between 1804 and 1834, the Aboriginal population was reduced from an estimated 5,000 people to just 200, which represented a 90 percent reduction in just 30 years.”

Aboriginal Concentration Camp

The Aborigines were put into concentration camps.

Foley explains that while the Aboriginal population had not been completely eliminated, an early 1900s policy, also known as the “Smooth the Dying Pillow” was established “based on the assumption that what was left of the Aboriginal populace would now die out.” Foley further expounds upon the aftermath of the Aborigines Protection Act of 1909. This act, in essence, “established the first Australian ‘concentration camps’ to provide a place for the doomed race to die off.”

Aborigines Protest
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