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8 Facts You May Not Know About the Extermination of Australia’s Aborigines

Australian Aboriginal Genocide

The first attempt at genocide lasted for more than 100 years.

Dr. Gideon Polya, a scientist, artist, writer and pro-peace advocate, wrote that roughly 123 years after the arrival of the British, the Black “Indigenous Aboriginal population dropped from about 1 million to 0.1 million in the first century after invasion in 1788.” By 1911, 90 percent of the population had been wiped out.

Aboriginal Massacre

The Aborigines did not die of disease.

To this day, Australian children are taught that no wars or acts of mass violence occurred on Australian soil. However, this notion is hardly the truth. Due to propaganda inspired by the Australian government, media and education system, most of the population has failed to acknowledge the horrendous acts that were inflicted upon the Black Aboriginal population of the region. While many Australian citizens will tell you that Aboriginal individuals died of disease, the indigenous Black people of the continent, for the most part, were murdered. Polya declares that “Australia has always been a deeply racist country and continues to be involved in genocidal atrocities.”

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7 thoughts on “8 Facts You May Not Know About the Extermination of Australia’s Aborigines

  1. Megan Eli A says:

    This made me sob. How despicable are these people? Why did the British FORCE colonization of an entire continent and then kill it's beautiful people? WHY is this still happening? What is so terrible about melanin that it frightens people who don't have as much. Heart wrenching. Absolutely heart wrenching.

  2. England, Germany, Australia and America collaborate when it comes to ridding the world of people of color. How about the American Eugenics program. Ever hear of the Bilderberg Group?

  3. Simple, my dear, because they don't give a fuck.

  4. We have been fed a Strong Delusion to believe in the LIES of the Devil in the FLESH. We want to emulate him in every facet of human endeavor. His record blatantly reinforces who he is and what his intentions are against the indigenous peoples of this planet. He has convinced us to follow his LIES. Every continent that this 'man' has come to he has committed genocide, apartheid and legal homicide. The question is not whether his kind intends to destroy the Black Race, this is evident. The question is how can we as a people come together to eradicate these Demons from off the planet.
    There can be no more justifications for outright butchery and legally approved homicides against Black people all across this planet. We have to stop trying to appeal to their sense of reason; we have to start calling the Evil Ones out by name and Shame them into extinction. This is OUR Planet and we sit idly by and watch these demons transform our world into a rotting corpse. All they want is the resources of the planet, they do not care about human life; if for an instant they were to be deemed as human beings, like the other people on this planet, they would have long ago reformed their plan.
    This is the Time of Awakening. This is the Time of Recompense. This is the Time of the Prophecy being fulfilled in your face. I am telling you today Plainly that this race is the Devil in the Flesh! The Man of Sin. The Son of Perdition! The one who claims to be God and exalts himself above all that is worshiped and sits in the Temple of God (the temple is your body) and shows himself to be God. I will cut this comment here; but don't it be said that: "You were not Told!"

  5. Alex Bond says:

    We Aboriginal People have to contend with the sheer greed and genocidal intent of both opposing political parties, that are focused only on satisfying wants of multi-million dollar corporations that want whatever Our country can produce for a dollar… The so called "Native Title Act" here is another tool of Genocide which actually wipes whatever opportunity we had of gaining any proper foothold in relation to us having any appropriate rights.. The skill in how the "Governments" of Australia operate is very "devilish"… The Individuals from Our community who participate in the Native Title process are greedy selfish people who don't care about our future, only there own personal one… The Australian Government knew this when "constructing the "Native Title Act" here… A considerable number of our people of the past 100 years have been tainted by "Western greed"… And those are the one's that get favor over others… The Australian Government have legalized Cultural genocide by allowing Greedy individuals in our community to sign away any potential Customary Law rights we have through the Native Title Process… Very Very Devilish the Governments of Australia…. Cunning, evil entities they are…

  6. It's like all the indigenous countries that have been Colonised..they thought they were killing US! burying us..but we are the seeds of our lands…that us! right across the world.

  7. Les Thomas says:

    Atlanta Black Star, thanks for the article, but please correct the myth that all Tasmanian Aboriginal people were wiped out. They have survived to this day and we should honour that fact.

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