8 Facts You May Not Know About the Extermination of Australia’s Aborigines


The extermination of Australian Aborigines never ended.

Make no mistake. The genocide of the Black Aboriginal people of Australia never came to an end. Polya wrote that “9,000 Indigenous Australians die avoidably each year.” In his article essay “Racist Australia — Genocidal Atrocities Overview,” he conveyed the following: “Further, in assessing deaths from particular policies of invasion, occupation and dispossession one notes that deaths can be violent from bombs and bullets, or non-violent, from deprivation and deprivation-exacerbated disease. All of which are avoidable deaths.”

via ourgeneration.org.au
via ourgeneration.org.au

The second attempt at genocide consisted of the Australian government stealing children from their families.

The second attempt at genocide is occurring right now. The Australian government has set to get rid of the indigenous population. According to a 1997 report by the Australian Human Rights Commission, titled “Bringing Them Home,” children were taken away from their parents by Australian authorities. Even worse, an article released by wakeup-world.com states that today “the Government is taking more children from [Black] families than ever before.”

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