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10 Teachers and Professors Who Have Come Under Fire for Addressing Racism and White Privilege



Professor Saida Grundy

In a recent article, a cultural critic and senior writer for The Root, elaborates on the current situation of Professor Saida Grundy at Boston University. The Associate Professor of Sociology and African-American Studies came under fire after she tweeted about “slavery and the generations of self-entitled white men that the peculiar institution spawned.” Even with the support of the social media community, consisting of the hashtag #IstandWithSaida, the young professor has still continued to be condemned.



Howard University Middle School of Mathematics and Science Social Studies Teachers

In February, three social studies teachers were fired for teaching Black history, language and culture at the Howard University Middle School of Mathematics and Science in Washington, D.C. The content of their lectures allegedly covered areas outside of the curriculum subject matters. The teachers were believed to have been pushed out by the school’s new principle, Angelique Blackmon, who, ironically, is Black. An author for, writes that Blackmon “banned such historical topics as Kwanzaa and lessons about the late-former D.C. Mayor Marion Barry.” Though the three teachers had already given their two-weeks notice, they were rendered pink slips in front of their students.

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3 thoughts on “10 Teachers and Professors Who Have Come Under Fire for Addressing Racism and White Privilege

  1. It's not surprising to me to see even more Teachers being kicked out of there classes for teaching the Truth. For people have always been afraid of the TRUTH and always well be afraid of it. People with out color just don't want there Children to know the TRUTH and even some people of color hide behind that old way of looking at things, meaning they believe nothing's wrong h America or the world as it is yet TRUTH BE TOLD there is still mush wrong between races and many white's rather leave things as they are, even through all over this world of ours people of color are 9/tenths of the total Population and people who call them selves white are only 1/tenth of the worlds total Population. WAKE-UP PEOPLE OF COLOR. Peace And Love, With Power To The People. All God's True People. People Of Color. The Mellow One-Jeff. Jeff Lewis 100% Detroit, (The D).

  2. Book sense is not common sense. "Tweeting" is an open invitation for target-practice. If the information is the result of cogent thought and analysis. why not publish, include in lectures etc? Tweeting is an immature back door portal for social commentary and folks- especially the under 50 crowd need to get a handle on this bare- it – all on social media stupidity. It will be their undoing. ijs.

  3. true! and there are some white people who want their children to knw the truth. my daughter knows the truth.

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