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Top 7 Most Anticipated Black Directed Films For 2015

While Empire and Black-ish have made huge splashes on television this year, there have not been many film projects by Black directors. This is set to change as the second half of this year approaches—several black directors are poised to deliver great film fare across several genres. The seven films below should be on every Black cinema lover’s radar.

images (1)Dope

After stimulating audiences at Sundance and Cannes, Dope is positioned to transform those good vibrations into box office success. Dope follows the lives of three hip-hop nerds who become involved with a local drug dealer. This film tugs at the heart strings of rap traditionalists, acting as a love letter to the golden age of hip-hop in the early nineties. Dope features an ensemble cast including Shameik Moore, Zoe Kravitz, A$AP Rocky and Kiersey Clemons. Rick Famuyiwa directs this slice of hip-hop nostalgia. Release Date: 6/19

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  1. Dave Mills says:

    Hmmm It's funny how quickly this type of film gets financed. Yet here we are in 2015, and we still can't work together to finance our own films. Films which uplift and elevate us. Films about Hanibal the great. The Dogon, or other great men and women who have and still, make us so proud of our accomplishments. It's a sorry show when this is what we have for our children to look upto. Black people – We should hang our heads in shame, for we have let down every ancestor that has gone before us. Peace.

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