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4 thoughts on “You’d Be Truly Surprised That Terrence Howard Had These Thoughts About Technology and Human Improvement

  1. Daniel Jones says:

    dna and phosphorous. The man's just throwing out words. Up until then it sounded shaky with his odd dimensional talk…. I'm not really sure how he's processing the 3D world or the digital one.

  2. He wasn't just throwing out words it make a lot of sense. You also have to realize they didn't show the whole interview, they where just showing segments.

  3. Why is everyone cutting him off.. What he mentioned made sense to me.

  4. Anthony Mitchell The fact that he DID seem to make sense is probably why they "cut him off". Some of them were obviously uncomfortable with that fact for whatever their personal reason(s). Only God knows the true motives of our hearts and minds. Interesting video, and thanks for sharing it.

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