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10 thoughts on “11-Year-Old Girl With HIV Brought the World to Tears; Now 20 Years Later See This Amazing Thing She’s Accomplished

  1. She is so beautiful and inspiring.

  2. Only God knows our future may he continue to bless you with many more

  3. Geegee Mixon says:

    Awesome keep doing what you're doing God got you

  4. Rethinking Aids advocates have to learn to compete with "mainstream media"over the emotions of an audience, because "mainstream media" does a beautiful and very convincing job of appealing to the emotions to persuade and bamboozle people. Advertisers and marketers learned a long time ago that facts don't matter. A cute black girl "infected" with the so called HIV, to shame black folks into taking a fraudulent test, and be put on drugs that kill you, genius. The "mainstream media"knows us very well.

  5. I remember that show. She was beautiful then and she is still beautiful today.

  6. Jerome Woods says:

    You are not alone,I deal with my sister having HIV stay strong don't let it beat you live your dream and be true too yourself much love from Jerome

  7. WHAT? It wasn't a show about getting tested. It was a show about living and dealing with aids. Being "bamboozled" is a different story and in a time and place where people can be tested for AIDS free and as many tests as you want, then there's no excuse for being taken-and no one to blame. Second opinion. Everyone should get one anytime a diagnosis is give. Common sense.

  8. So many living with this…not to be rude…but why is here case so special………lets recognize all not just she

  9. She came out an spoke upon her illness & how she wasn't suppose to live passed 5yrs Old..She's Amazing what's your Story..

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