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19 thoughts on “Secret Recording Reveals How Malcolm X Reacted When FBI Attempted to Recruit Him to Inform Against the Nation of Islam

  1. Lisa Jackson says:

    Wow! I guess that was the last strike. Malcolm X spoke out against Elijah Mohammed about (teenage girls he fathered children with) then he misspoke after the JFK assignation, and then the FBI asked him to be an informant against the Nation and he refused "BOOM" they blew him away "history revealed".

  2. Damon Moore says:

    teenage girls? So Lisa are you stating he was a pedophile? Even though he was marred to these so-called teenage girls?

  3. Yusuf Gordon says:

    yeah Elijah was a pedophile

  4. Yusuf Gordon says:

    yeah Elijah was a pedophile

  5. Dave Mills says:

    Kudos Atlanta Black Star – very interesting piece. This just show the integrity of Malcolm. We have lost a great man, thank god for the tapes and videos's which pay tribute to his legacy.

  6. It doesn't get any realer. I admire his integrity 9 the character that was displayed.

  7. True Loyalty. What a smart man.

  8. Have you not researched the life of X…This was common knowledge.

  9. Elijah Muhammad is not a pedophile and never has been.

  10. Damon Moore says:

    Ignorance is at an all time high, but I don't expect anything less from you 85ers, smh!

  11. When negroes spell Elijah's last name 'Mohammed' instead of 'Muhammad,' that's when u know that they don't know what the hell they talkin about.

  12. So Malcolm was making it up?

  13. Sorry Miss Jackson you aren't for real…you have pedophile that was on video, married Aaliyah (as a teenager) on your facebook page then you speak with hypocritical sarcasm like you have the moral authority to judge the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad…yet the children from his wives are still in NOI doing HIS work while you unwittingly undermine your own people and cause because of the unwise and uninformed aspects of peoples lives you choose that are not necessarily fact…but I understand R Kelly gave filthy songs you love as opposed the Supreme Wisdom from GOD Mr. Muhammad shared.

  14. Lisa Jackson says:

    Sorry Mr. Muhammad but I stated a "FACT" Malcolm X did express his negative feelings toward Elijah Mohammad's relationships with several young women, and that may be the reason why he defied him and made the "Chickens coming home to roost" statement regarding JFK. Didn't the Nation suspend him for that "FACT" I didn't say Elijah Mohammad was a… The Nation of Islam preaches morality and Elijah Mohammed was almost 70 years old when it came out how many children he had fathered with these young women. R. Kelly is none of your business, he never preached morality, most of his music is sexual, so what else would you expect from him?

  15. Again your short scope of history and scripture and the Nation of Islam makes you to think you know something you don't and even after Brother Malcom left for the time he did he put on tape his apology to the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad but you probably don't know that nor wouldn't believe it when you hear it…further Mr. Muhammad didn't only raise Brother Malcom but many others who continue to contribute to this society so I guess if you were present during the crucifixion you save Barabus (the known criminal) as opposed to Jesus because of the counter intelligence program of the scribes, Pharisees and Saducees since you can excuse a known child molestor…the Messengers children are still doing the work of the righteous HE established…..

  16. Dear Ms. Jackson and Mr. Muhammad Teenage does go up to the age of 19. I think that what may of upset the brother Malcolm was not the age of these women, but the amount of them. We have all held people at some point to a higher respect than what we really may know of them and once anything of difference is seen of them we may briefly loose that respect. Now me personally I believe this was what hurt Malcolm's impression of his teacher, was that no longer was this someone of such high, but just that of an man.

  17. Antoine Spann find where Malcolm ever called Elijah a pedophile? You must remember teenage years go all the way to 19. Yes it should of been half your age minus 7 and Elijah did not do so, but the amount of women was more hurtful to Malcolm than their age.

  18. apology or not….pedophilia is pedophilia and considered illegal in the western world – the world Elijah M. decided to reside in. unfortunatley the inability of differentiating when it comes to religious leaders or doctrines is what creates the perfect 'sheeple' that follow blindly without asking and criticizing…..vehemently trying to defend what would be condemned by the same God they are worshipping and their leaders claim to represent….isnt it ironic….:)

  19. how you spell it is so irellevant….your comment reveals you certainly don't speak or write arabic and dont know what the hell you are talking about:)

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