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8 thoughts on “Dr. Umar Johnson Makes a Thought-Provoking Case for Why Civil Disobedience Is a Necessary Tool for Black People to Change the System

  1. You are so correct Umar.. we must fight for us.. but what are our goals? what are we trying to change the system into, something more "white" for us? I think we need to discuss this and formulate our own idea.. the negro thinks integration and have split allegiances with their xtain bothers and sisters, the black arabs and jews the same albeit they'll not admit that there's a rift. We need to find out just who WE are imo..

  2. Edgee Leito says:

    In fact really when you think about If it you are obeying and working with the system which is designed to oppress you than you are efficiently contributing to your own captivity.

  3. Kenny German says:

    old people with this marching shit is so played out. No more marching. and WHAT THE HELL IS NON VILANT PROTEST? THAT's AN OXY MORON. PROTEST MEANS DEMONSTRATE HOW EVER YOU SEE FIT.

  4. Arcy Sone says:

    Thank you King.

  5. lmao "old" people aren't the majority of marchers.. hell most "old" people have walkers..

  6. Jeff Gué says:

    Chiiiill. Don't break no laws lolol Organized civil disobedience is one thing, but all else is out of the picture. The world can't empathize if they see cat's out here wildin'. Black disorder is magnified and gets a sensational rise out of people.

  7. Old people have walkers now because they wore themselves out fighting and marching for the freedoms you enjoy today dumbass!

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