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20 thoughts on “Profiling Gone Wrong: When Law Enforcement Gets Harassed So Badly by Other Cops They File a Civil Suit

  1. Unless they're out of jurisdiction I don't see the need to notify the local police, common courtesy or extended privileges should not be a procedure, by the way, did the parole officers supervisors file a formal complaint against the Ramapo Police department. Suing them will not stop this, but guide line has to be established followed up with disciplinary actions for violations. So far the police is a black and white fraternity and not an organization to serve society.

  2. Does it make you feel rich bragging about how much you earn or can earn, it only goes to show that it takes more intelligence to spend money than to earn it.

  3. Does it make you feel rich bragging about how much you earn or can earn, it only goes to show that it takes more intelligence to spend money than to earn it.

  4. hahahahahah! Stupid uncle tom's thinking, because they're part of a system they're exempt from "white supremacy".

  5. Its a sad day in the world, we all need to pray for one another, I world is wicked, we must turn back to God before its to late.

  6. Leslie Hayles ITs spam, its not someone trying to have conversation.

  7. Hahahahha telll em son. We are good niggas sir good niggas.

  8. join your own police department the New Black Panther Party be your own protect and serve your own community

  9. Cal Davis says:

    The gist of the prophecy, realized. " They who lead into captivity, shall be led into captivity". Written for the enemies of God. This is just how easy it will happen, you Edomites and the synagogue of Satan. Hah ha.

  10. Cal Davis says:

    Alexander Aguet That's what the teacher, Ms Breaion King, in Austin Tx, said to the cop, who body slammed her onto the pavement, "I'm a good Black person" It was heart breaking.It didn't help help her, anytheless. Thanks. To real..

  11. Cal Davis says:

    I vaguley recall, but, there was a Black Police Detective in LA, Calif, If I'm not mistakening, about the county, but, the Detective was man handled by uniformed officers, even slammed against a store's plate glassed window. These White cops don't give a damn who you are, as long as you appear Negroid, you're game. It's imprinted onto their DNA to fear and hate us. It's Biblical, also, about the behavior of our enemies, until we return back to our God, and obey hs voice, you children of the Hebrew enslaved ones.

  12. This was New York, where New York cops harass black cops from their districts so badly they've been sued.

  13. You are ignorant and inciting a race war with your disgusting words

  14. Maria Maria says:

    How is he disgusting for telling the truth? You're disgusting for expecting him to keep up with the lies!

  15. Why do they have to be "uncle toms" since they choose the career of an officer? I'm a nurse; does that make me an "Uncle Tom" because my career use to a predominately white female career but now many races and both genders make up nursing. Ignorance is why this country is in turmoil.

  16. Cal Davis says:

    Amanda Fisher Richardson If you were versed in the Holy Scriptures you'd know I speak truthfully, concerning the prophecy of the Hebrew people brought to America aboard those slavers' ships, bound in chains and yokes of Iron around their necks, dilivered and sold unto their "enemies' as bond men and bond women. As it is written. I'll digress, but, educate yourself. There is more to this saga concerning the plight of these enemies and the people they've enslaved and mistreated. You won't like that either. But, se la vie.

  17. Always black people at falt.

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