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44 thoughts on “Charles Barkley Shows His Profound Ignorance Again by Sympathizing With Cops Instead of Protesters and Victims

  1. Keshina Love says:

    His head is empty!

  2. you say Ignorance…I say courage! at least he is saying what he thinks and not going along with what is seen as a popular sell out just to please the rioters in Baltimore, like you guys! Charles shows INDEPENDENCE and COURAGE! and he THINKS……………something you guys should try!

  3. If the cops are under so much stress…. I think they should find other jobs…

  4. Chris Haynes says:

    He's rich. What do you expect?

  5. He is totally accurate . My opion

  6. Hes not ignorant he is capable of trying to see both sides without passing judgement before the facts are in, unlike our media.

  7. Rod Ben Yah says:

    Where is the unlike button?

  8. Bob Wadas says:

    What would happen to these communities with the police? These communities do nothing to stop the drugs and gangs.

  9. Fige Bornu says:

    Buffoon, coon alert. Barkley wakes up again from a 3 day drug/alcohol/sex with shemales binge.

  10. Alex Primo says:

    How can a professional athlete excuse the lack of proper technique and application of sound fundamentals? Surely, Charles knows that if you can't do the job then you don't belong on the team. #NoRoomForSellOuts, #Facts

  11. Stress is part of and comes with the job.Hate to say it but Barkley ' s a fool.

  12. don't beat some one when they are handcuffed

  13. Darden Dal says:

    who do you think brings it in.

  14. A Uncle Ben sell out, one word describe this idiot, "Dull".

  15. charles is dead on and correct…..their are bad people in every race…..neighborhood…..occupation…..everyccountry….without cops it would be a warzone! And terrorists would bomb everything easily……the crime rate and murder rate would go up 100 percent! Alot of you that say he is wrong are probably gang bangers….drug dealers and tough guys with guns…..that dont know shit about anything including society….thats why america is going under….because alot of your are so dumb its rediculous

  16. Wake up people!

  17. He needs to shut the fuqk!!

  18. Mark Francis says:

    Is only me thinking this… But does Charles looks like a cop defending giant panda bear

  19. Willie Wilson Jr but you don't riot and loot like savages! That is fine for the jungles in Africa……but the is America….and you just can't break the law to try to prove a point!

  20. Jabril Yusef says:

    He defines the word coon

  21. Ron Jones says:

    The white man's nig..r speaking!~.

  22. Gerry Panzica You're an ignorant one aren't you? For the jungles in Africa? Stay classy Gerry.

  23. Vide OSpuger says:

    So the presence of cops in the community, has removed the feeling of living in the "wild wild west"? Massah's sure beat the sense out of this one… He might want to visit the 401 families that lost their loved ones to cop killings this year only. Explain to them about those few bad apples… And how they shouldn't worry, because there's good cops out there as well… Could be me but a good cop is one that sticks to the code of law. And not the code of silence that most of those so called good cops stick to. Is Barkley a cop? Then stick to your buddies code dude!

  24. Vide OSpuger says:

    Gerry Panzica I think you don't really understand the meaning why people riot. That's ok. When you have time, don't feel urged by me… I'm politely requesting you to look up the french revolution and research what was the fruit of this revolution (whole lot of rioting, looting, beheadings etc. etc.)… I'll be honest it will maybe take some time for you to figure it out. But I'll give you a hint on one of the fruits it produced…. the UNITED states of America after the civil war. p.s. the only looters in African jungle's, are white hunters with big guns shooting defenseless animals just to instagram the fresh kill. Get your facts sorted man!

  25. Rico Cortez says:

    There is nothing wrong or inaccurate about Barkley's assesent. There are bad and evil individuals amongst all races. That does not mean we don't need cops. Wrong doers must be punished but that is up to the courts. So now where does one focus the blame?

  26. Aaron Dixon says:

    I'm glad you all can sit behind your computers and scrutinize cops like your shit doesn't stink. No cop is perfect not every man or woman is innocent. If all your visions weren't clouded by what you see on Fox News and facebook you all could appreciate what Good cops do for the community as a whole and not the mistakes a few make

  27. So is Charles Barkley sympathetic to the stress a young brother from the hood is under when he robs a store? Or the stress he might be under when he shoots someone? Is Charles Barkley sympathetic to that or just a racist cop's stress?

  28. He might be sympathetic to all racists.

  29. Suzi Hoffman Castiglione Yeah. You are right.

  30. Vide maybe you can't comprehend that there are ways to handle situations and then there are ways not to. How does rioting, looting, stealing, burning down buildings and trashing other peoples property get your point across? Oh wait, it doesn't all it does is make the looters and rioters look like animals, just like the ones in the jungles of Africa. Tearing down your own communities just shows why we need cops in the first place. I can't even begin to imagine what this country would be like with out cops, especially if the government actually gets our guns taken away from the law abiding citizens.

  31. You can't avoid stress being a cop it comes with the job. Duhh

  32. Why can't a cop make a "mistake" with this fool?

  33. Gerry Panzica. No you only riot and loot like savages when you lose a championship game or when your on spring break.

  34. Who is calling for no cops?

  35. Kenny Hinds says:

    Gerry Panzica Yes looting. It's a bit like the burning of Norfolk in 1776. Then there was the looting in Charleston against the loyalists led by General Augustine Prevost. This was not the jungles of Africa. This was the revolution led by men who came to be known as PATRIOTS here in the good old USA.

  36. do you know how foolish you are to try to let all cops go unaccountable for their actions. Would you like the doctor that delivered your children to just let it go… b ecause of stress. or Bad employees are fired from ALL jobs when they cost the company money Stop being stupid.

  37. Gerry Panzica are u serious. so white america riots for sporting event win or loss should the go to africa. how about when whites destroyed black neighborhoods. where should the white go back to europe.

  38. Katie Rouse says:

    He's right.
    Imagine no Police in Baltimore or Chicago.
    Stealing and killing would be rampant. Gangs would turn it into a river on blood & chaos.

  39. He should say we need good cops

  40. Gerry Panzica wa nyela mfana, o bolela masepa waka! go kill yourself.

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