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8 of the Ugliest Racist Comments Posted by Cops on NYPD Website

The following comments were all taken directly from the website, Thee Rant. In order to join the site and post comments, according to its administrator, users must provide a picture of an ID card from the NYPD (or Fire Department or military).

Kill the Gangsters

A comment posted by user Broom on April 22, 2015:

You don’t spend millions on investigation, prosecution & jailing of sub-human, ape-like retardates such as this bunch!
Going inside means nothing to them; they thrive on the inside and run the jail!
You want to get rid of gangs; you kill gangsters! It won’t be done and that’s why you will always lose!
A bullet in the base of the skull, or a long rope and a high tree!
Yes, it will worsen! Be prepared or become victims like these poor people

She Teaches at the Zoo

Comment posted by Nuthinbutdatruth on April 1, 2015, referring to a news story with the headline “Teacher allegedly ‘knocked out cold’ by a student’s mother”:

Next beat down will be for giving the savage a low grade….
Feel bad for the teacher….not really. She could teach anywhere and she opts to teach at the zoo.
Go teach in Scarsdale

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