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2 thoughts on “You Will Not Believe How NYPD Commissioner Responds When Don Lemon Asks Him If The Police Target Black People

  1. Reasonable suspicion, based on WHAT? That is the question. What is reasonable? This answer is well reasoned and clearly argued, but it skirts the main question. What constitutes REASONABLE BEHAVIOR? it CANNOT be based simply on the premise of a poor person being in a rich neighborhood, or a black person being seen in a white neighborhood. That smacks of unconstitutional behavior and harassment.

  2. Vide OSpuger says:

    This murderous swine couldn't have oinked better, and the loads of bullcrap he's dropping out of his lying crack. Talking about responds to calls in black neighborhoods… nobody trusts them there, so yeah let's call them. Call them because a black man in a black neighborhood is crossing the street. A black man wearing saggy pants. My God, I just saw a black man in the hood with a cell phone, I'm calling 911… Who in their righteous mind is buying any of that? There's more crime in black neighborhoods than white ones so we're more in those area's… That's like saying white people in white neighborhoods are not human. They never have disputes, violence is just never around there… uhuh. That's why crime documentaries are 95% about white folks killing other white folks brutally. I suggest CNN need to hook up these officials to a lie detector when they come on these shows, just to make it really entertaining make the screen blink lie every time they let off a next one. Let them embarrass themselves and the gang they call their police force. Because they have no respect for the people killed, and the families left behind. Their response to that I've heard so far is "why is there so much black on black crime"…. Because the cops are too busy playing God anywhere near that crime. And the good cop's? A good cop is a talking cop, who's not afraid if his job or life is at stake. But it's so awfully quiet amongst the oinking…

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