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32 thoughts on “This Panelist Tries To Justify Police Killing Black People; Marc Lamont Shuts Him Down In Spectacular Fashion

  1. They are attempting to throw pearls to swine….Never argue with a person living in Self Deception….he is a fool…..when you argue with a fool on lookers will not be able to tell who's the fool.

  2. Mike Stu says:

    Why can't I skip that pimple ad. Pissing me off

  3. Trying to explain to the Devil that killing is wrong….a conversation going nowhere.

  4. Sam Houston says:

    The White guy is a Cop…. and in his eyes The Grey Area Of Resisting Arrest Is Grounds for Brutality….Damn Why Officers Stop And Detain Blacks 5 times as Much As Whites….Damn that Police get confrontational if one questions their authority…

  5. note to the wise black/African-Americans people ain't real #overstand #colorOfLaw #KnowDaLedge.

  6. Toni Mabry says:

    Ignorance is bliss they will never admitt the wrong they do they were condition not too mental illness at its worst

  7. "resisting arrest" gives the any american police officer carte blanche to kill anybody they see fit to "fear for their safety".

  8. "resisting arrest" gives any american police officer carte blanche to kill anybody they see fit to "fear for their safety".

  9. Domo Queen says:

    harry probably a KKK memeber in real life. Fits the age demographic, he woulda been yong when he first joined but old enough.

  10. Vide OSpuger says:

    Some black folks just don't get it… You really think there's much to say / ask a racist justice system when it only sees black people as targets at a shooting ranch. Open a dialog with a racist pig like the one I just watched and try to expect to get more out the hog then oink oink… This pig ain't nothing but an aiding and embedding piece of crap. He himself and people that are on his frequency don't care to tune in on other people's opinion, because they have what you don't have. And that's the power to determine if you live or day today, without any worries about being questioned. Black bodies turning up death after police encounter is just daily business for the system. "No reason for excessive use of violence by the police", is being justified by the police commissioners, judges and so-called unanimous juries. A gang of people defending the thought that violence used against black people by police, is always justified. These people will always defend their actions by stupid arguments that don't make any sense to people in the right state of mind. Like I said they're not tuned in on the same level. Thus, don't lower yourself to their level. They are black people's enemy from day 1, don't get it twisted. Ironically some of them are black too…. They will not stop killing black people even if removed from office all the way to Capitol Hill and the White house. It's not going to disappear no matter how much Obama's saying their having a look into matters. The solution is not with the enemy but with the victim. Divided we don't stand a chance… Unite, organize and focus, and you'll see the true meaning why they want us dead.

  11. Joan Coulter says:

    Did anybody hear why this young man was stopped in the first place?

  12. White cops will never get it. Denial ain't just a river in Egypt. Don't talk back to an overseer or they feel warranted to kill you. Or don't sell cigarettes, or jay walk, or hold toy guns, or run, or have a lighter that can be mistaken as a gun, or don't reach into your car for your wallet, or don't be homeless, or don't turn your music up, or go to the store in a hoodie lookin all suspicious. These cops are out of control but still can't see a pattern yet. Unbelievable! Check out this report so you can see how we're being targeted & criminalized around the Country. The majority of drug users are white but they only target us. The whole system is built on our profiling, criminalization & mass incarceration. The graphs start at pg 137 til the end.

  13. So this guy uses the equation, Resisting arrest=Death to justify why people are being killed by law enforcement officers is pretty much what I got from this video. There is no hope for assholes like this guy. The reason why they see nothing wrong with this is because they view people of color as criminals which removes all of the cognitive dissonance needed to let them know that they are fucking idiots.


  15. Mickey Adams says:


  16. Resisting arrest does give officers the grounds to escalate their use of force. The more a person resist, the more the officer can escalate as long as it is with in the parameters of the type of resistance. A person getting seriously hurt for resisting arrest happens all the time. I don't know why people think that all police arrest suppose to look pretty.

  17. Sam Houston says:

    I find it bizzare that Whites don't complain about being ruffled up nearly as much as blacks….in fact when whites describe how police treat them vs how minorities are treated its Vastly Different. demeanor used by Officers. To keep situation calm and cool vs confrontational… in my 48yrs walking earth law enforcement has always come at me like im guilty of more than what they stopped me for and Im Hiding it or Lying to them…. The Perception Minorities Are Always Up Tp No Good Sickens Me….

  18. Sam Houston says:

    Presidential candidate Paul Rand 22yrs old son was just in DUI Car Accident… had mo proof of Insurance clearly drunk….Not Arrested…Cited And taken to Hospital but Not Arrested ….. Any Minorities would be Handcuffed to that hospital bed and be under arrest esp when 2 Priors

  19. Sam Houston says:

    See if he killed someone media would have a field day

  20. CoCo Colaa says:

    Just because someone is resisting being arrested that does not mean they have to die for it.un armed and hands up.the police are trained to hit target areas to stop someone for getting away verses just killing them.and what makes it worse is when they tamper the evidence witch shows they didn't have a reason to kill or beat on someone for no justified reason

  21. another white pig devil his only justice will come from GOD and his soul will go to HELL it because you are the people of god the true Hebrew people and they the devil is trying to destroy you because the time is near and your salvation is coming.

  22. "Black people are literally saying, 'Stop killing us!' and there are people still saying, 'But…'"

  23. Popovich Vondesastre No it doesn't, police officers ANYWHERE in the world are trained to subdue uncooperative citizens. The only time ANYONE should "fear for their safety" is when they are actually threatened and the person doing the threatening is acting upon it.

  24. Johnny Russ says:

    Pure Bulshit Manfred. What World are you living in?

  25. Johnny Russ says:

    That is correct Dwight, It is senseless attempting to bring some degree of understanding to such people.

  26. Johnny Russ says:

    Interesting point G.L.O.W. Ministries!

  27. That "cop mentality", that there is an excuse for ANY type of violence that a police officer does to a citizen. THese law enforcement experts will ALWAYS find some justification.

  28. Johnny Russ says:

    Shalom Brother Isreal. What you say in your post is correct. You connot reason with the serpent. People of color must realize the truth and put on the armor of God to battle this merciless Beast! Their legacy has always been oppression, tyranny and destruction.

  29. Johnny Russ says:

    True! Your opressor will never save you, nor does he have any intentions of doing so, ever!

  30. Johnny Russ says:

    An interesting point to make Samuel is that the so-called white race have no eternal future or salvation. Their distant future is "Damnation" and they will become the tennants of HELL for all the evil deeds that they have committed against the People of the living GOD!

  31. Johnny Russ says:

    To be clear my friend, you can have all the compassion you want for humanity. Compassion is not going to change how the white man feel about black people. It never has.

  32. Johnny Russ says:

    Good point Vide. The judges, prosecutors, police commissioners and police chiefs are all in agreement. Remember, the kkk are the same people. They are city officials like the ones I mentioned above. They are one and the same, make no mistake!

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