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4 thoughts on “After Her Kids Were Traumatized by Racial Profiling in the Mall, This Raleigh Mom Takes Her Battle to the City Council

  1. Joan Coulter says:

    Can Mother sue? If so, she should. These knuckle-scrappers have to be hit in the pockets to make them use more discretion – maybe.

  2. Donna Boyd says:

    Don't spend money, shop, etc. at places that don't want you there.

  3. Donye Jones says:

    Why support an establishment that clearly targets black people.

  4. Grant Denise says:

    I agree, don't support them. The first time I went ther years ago, security profiled me. I had driven an hour there, and want to potty so badly. After getting directions at the info desk, I hurried to the bathroom, only to find security waiting for me when I got out. Why, I hurried to the bathroom, the racist pig had the never to tell me. So he thought my return was stolen. zof course I went off and demaned security head and mall manager. They claimed it's an easy mistake because I was hurrying to the bathroom. Can you imagine? Someone can hurry to void! The security head claimed the security guard is not racist. Whatever!! And you know this how? Because you are white and all of you meet at the same Klan center for practice? Never went back. Your stinking bunches of pigs. I wish my people would stop giving these jokers their money. I just wish we could get it together enough to do this. Especially known racist places like this one! As a community in that area, stop spending your money there. Go elsewhere!

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