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8 African Countries Whose Independence Is a Direct Result of the Teachings of Marcus Garvey



Zimbabwe, formerly known as Rhodesia, is one of the greatest examples of a country being impacted by Garveyism. According to an article titled “The Seeds are Sown: The Impact of Garveyism in Zimbabwe in the Interwar Years,” Marcus Garvey’s teachings had an “electrifying effect on colonial Zimbabwean migrant workers in South Africa, inspiring them to form various associations.” Garvey’s emphasis on Black nationalism along with other principles that were considered radical at the time helped spark the “colony’s most radical African movement in the interwar years.” The teachings ultimately helped shape the political, religious and social landscape for the associations that eventually came together to form Zimbabwe.




Garvey’s teachings inspired many great leaders including Kwame Nkrumah. As a result of this influence, Nkrumah went on to start working to free Africa of colonial with rule starting with Ghana, according to Black Business Network. From 1952 to 1966, Nkrumah acted as the leader of what was then known as the Gold Coast before he led the country to win its independence from British colonial rule. This made Ghana the “first Black African country to become independent,” according to the BBC. It also led to many people in the country crediting Nkrumah with “stabilizing a turbulent political scene and leaving a legacy of democracy.”

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22 thoughts on “8 African Countries Whose Independence Is a Direct Result of the Teachings of Marcus Garvey

  1. and some of those african countries have, indeed, been re-colonized.

  2. now isls is ruling some of them , on top of hammas , and no britian not coming to help them either.

  3. He was a great man.

  4. Brian Smith says:

    But its the same people enslaved blacks that created ISIS.

  5. Clive Grant says:

    Marcus Garvey was a great man , but now that he has passed some of these same African countries have been re-colonized once again. Sad.

  6. No they have not although the white man would love to de jure.

  7. No afrikan country has been recolonized name one?

  8. Isis is not ruling they are terrorizing.

  9. Recolonized using economics……

  10. Tanzania was never colonise. Tanzania is a union of Tanganyika and zanzibar in 1964. In 1961, Tanganyika got itd indrpendence with Queen Elizabeth being Head of State and Nyerere a PM. 1962, Tanganyika abolished that system and Nyerere became a president.
    Zanzibar earned its independence in 1963. After a violent revolution in 1964, Zanzibar united with Tanganyika in April.
    My question is if two separate entity with different indepence were to unite, what independent would one celebrate.

  11. Kevin Starks says:

    Why didn't Marcus garvey change his name if he was for so pan african. How did he live to die of a stroke at 50 something. Instead of being assassinated like all the other strong outgoing activist of that time.

  12. You say some…could you give an example

  13. If u have any DODO shit fe talk bout Marcus Garvey eat it…….Claaat

  14. To post something of no credence or substance, or to not verify its validity, is foolhardy and deformative. You state there are several African states that have been re-colonized, please identify them!

  15. That's right britain only helps itself, it doesnt give shit about it's own people so dont expect them to care about anyone else! They helped the us to incubate isis and now they are clawing in the profits! Britain and the us are hate spreaders and isis was created to help spread it around, the aim to make us all hate Muslems and take us all into yet another war! Someone has to make the guns and weapons of mass destruction and we all know where the profits go!!!

  16. The first African country, not 'black' African. That's brainwashing to use the European color caste system to describe indigenous Africans.

  17. Kevin, if you would read his book and other books by his associates you would know that he was hounded by the U.S. and British governments. He was continually discredited and followed by agents of these governments. The U.S. government even threatened the goverments of Liberia not to allow Mr. Garvey entrance into their country. He was arrested on trumped-up charges of fraud and tax evasion; his Black Star Line was infiltrated and ruined. He was thrown out of the U.S. The U.S. government wrote a fake obiturary of him in all the newspapers and it was picked up by all the international newspapers. He was constantly fighting with the government and reading about his own death weakened him even more. He suffered a stroke due to ill health because he was constantly harrassed by the U.S. government when his only goal was to free black people world wide from racism and discrimation. So in a way he was assassinated slowly over time. It is not as important what a person calls themselves as what they do for their people. Many people have changed their names to very "African sounding names" but they have been sellouts and have done more damage to the black community than anyone named Marcus. Please take it upon yourself to read his books. His thinking was thousands of years ahead of most "black leaders." He was truly a visionary and if we had followed his teachings we would be a completely different people right now.

  18. guinea…ran the french out….ahmed sekou toure was the ruler…and was a good man…unlike mugabe in zimbabwa …

  19. marcus was a gifted amn …as you have announced..motavated by wonderful parents

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