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7 thoughts on “Walter Scott’s Mother: ‘I Feel Forgiveness In My Heart Even For The Guy That Shot and Killed My Son’

  1. Check out the speaking on " The Black mans spirit is found in the bible" and send it to family, I'M SURE YOU WILL ENJOY,

  2. Some Black people are so dam fool…

  3. She just renewed my faith in God and man; what a beautiful person. May whatever is soothing her spirit and filling her heart with love and forgiveness overflow. She lost her son but hopefully it will not be in vain. (I also loved how she dodged the "visitors" question; what she probably wanted to say is the visiting doesn't mean a thing if they aren't working to change the system: "Talk is cheap!" But she kept it super classy and calm, I'm still amazed.)

  4. We love our Mother but, how can we forgive this cracker that has not even (asked) for forgiveness just like most of them for all they have done to our fathers and continue to do to us. He lied and a black man was going to cover for him in that lie. Look at the behavior of our people. We have been set up for destruction and fell to see and recognize it for what it truly is. The day judgement is here, not to come, but has come that's why they have been let loose on us to drive us toward God just like the story of Moses. We as a people has never really served our God, but has served the white mans God, this is the truth. This killing is not going to stop because they know what time it is and we do not. Judgement has come and they know that they along with their children will be judged for what they have done and their aim is to take as many of us down with them. I am not asking anyone to believe me, just keep your eyes and ears tuned in to what's happening throughout the world. You can not make what I said a lie.

  5. Jiia Felisha says:

    No ma'am… with that slave mentality.

  6. the question is, is this what your son would have wanted?

  7. Why would you forgive the person who murdered your child???

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