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7 thoughts on “This Black Girl Got Accepted Into All 8 Ivy League Schools, But That’s Just the Beginning of Her Story

  1. Mashallah. I am proud of this young sister and wish her many success in her life.

  2. Aysha Reyes says:

    The title is contradicting, "This Black Girl Got Accepted". First of all she is east african Somali and those people do not identifify as African American. They actually talk shit about west african people and American blacks. The worship silky hair, lighter skin and small facial features, its sick.

  3. Ms Romelus that is true but some black people may not know this, so others have to tell this story. This is great news, why? Because thanks to God, Elijah, Farrakhan and my wife my children have been bless to reproduce this same success while being home schooled but are going to HBCU's instead. I will just say to black people be careful with this Ivy League trap. What looks good is not always good. It's all about using their mind for them and not us, so if we chose this course we (must) debrief our children from all the filth that goes on in these schools. White people educate our children to be a service for them not us. be careful. Please to comments of one another with love.

  4. Kin Crawford says:

    it's about being thankful that any of these stories are being put out there for our kids to see, something other than the BS they use to brainwash them…

  5. Kin Crawford I understand. Black children need to know that there are people who look like them that can do great things no matter who hard society tries to tell them that they are inferior.

  6. Good for her, but… She's not black.

  7. First I want to commend this young lady for the results of her hard work and intelligence.
    Taking nothing from that, there is a separate issue here.
    I've seen this same story (different individuals) multiple times this year and I recall the similar stories last year. My problem/question is whether these institutions are using the exact same "cookie cutter" acceptance standards in their admissions departments. This would work against the total number of minority students admitted.
    For example: Say an Ivy league institution has 10 boxes to check, each box representing GPA, community service, attendance, school rank, sat scores, etc… I'm just wondering if only the "perfect on paper" minority students are getting acceptance letters and their "just as talented" schoolmates (who may check 9 of the 10) sit at home disappointed. Think about it, this one student gets offers from all 8 Ivy League schools… she can only choose one (if she chooses one). The schools individually can claim credit for offering a minority student. So technically the Ivy League as a whole can say that they accepted 80 minority students when only 10 were actually "in play" between the schools.
    "Academic Pancaking"

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