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55 thoughts on “Mark Geragos Spectacularly Shuts Down This Man Who’s Trying To Defend Cops In Wake Of The Walter Scott Video 

  1. White folks don't care till it happens to them t nothing new their cancer to the world

  2. Mr. Geragos is right on target, am so thankful the person happened to be in the area and had his camera with him. Truth is the truth, so many times the police had their say…end of story. NOW, we see the real truth. AMEN

  3. They are trying there hardest to tear this video up. Sad; the video clearly speaks for itself.

  4. Policing as we all can see have problems. Something must be done to change this new Jim Crow system of mass incarceration. The Governor/Mayer and police commissioners know all too well what is going on with the cops in there control.

  5. Eric Howard says:

    this never happens….except for the 1 or 2 stories we hear every other week about similar incidents….but other than that this never happens.

  6. Thank God for the age of technology, where we get to display these atrocities to the world

  7. Nancy Lewis says:

    What really tells the story here is that neither officer did anything to help this man after he was down……no CPR and no wound compression. They didn't care that this man was dying. They were too busy planting evidence and putting on handcuffs. No human compassion at all.

  8. Typical cop. They never want to admit to their corruption.

    Cops are quick to say to a criminal, "for every time we caught you, you got away with it numerous other times". That same logic applies to them. For each time they got caught, they got away with it numerous other times.

  9. I agree Mr. Geragos is right! Every time a cops shoots someone they say "they went for my gun" it does seem like its a script!

  10. Sheba Grant says:

    The same old song fear for my life black men please watch out ,police are out to get you. When are they going to pay ,everybody keep your video camera ready. If wasnt for video ,Mr Scott would not have had a witness, to show what happen tohim. They are CANCER A VERY SORE THATS GETTING WORSE, more to come. Worse is it. Prayers for his family

  11. Kyle Wells says:

    As a officer if your not in enough physical shape to chase down a 50 year old you should be looking into another line work…ijs
    Yes he shouldn't have struggled with the officer yes he shouldn't have ran..
    So I'm going to guess the officer FELT Mr. Scott was an immediate threat that Mr.
    Scott was going to run allllllll the way home and get a gun and come back and
    shoot him???? Guess that's makes it justified..

    It funny how they expect a person to RESIST when got thousands of volts coursing through your body????

  12. Issac Abrams says:

    I saw this piece when it aired, Geragos was so on point! It's as if these killer cops the same written script after they murder their victims.

  13. My concern is cameras are becoming irrelevant. Many cops have been caught in criminal acts on film to know avail. Although it may have a significant impact on a culture that's been plagued w/ oppression. It hasn't proven to be useful tool in eradicating these injustices. Or maybe the powers that be really don't consider killing someone of color is actually criminal.

  14. David Felder says:

    They are trash that's why. They make good cops look bad.

  15. It is sad to see that racism still exist in America. If you don't see it then you are BLIND. I try to deal with racism and still stay a beautiful black woman.

  16. The cops have developed their own version of South Park's "It's coming right for us.

  17. Catch the bad guy some other time and you might think the white cop was to slow any way. Lol

  18. Thats why im not a cop

  19. We are just getting started. Lets see all the other cop's that lied in there reports. to try and cover it up. what do we call that ((((( Aiding and Abetting/Accessory ))))) A criminal charge of aiding and abetting or accessory can usually be brought against anyone who helps in the commission of a crime, though legal distinctions vary by state. A person charged with aiding and abetting or accessory is usually not present when the crime itself is committed, but he or she has knowledge of the crime before or after the fact, and may assist in its commission through advice, actions, or financial support. Depending on the degree of involvement, the offender's participation in the crime may rise to the level of conspiracy. Now we want them all. every last ONE. Isn't that how they do us. and let get the child support agency to.

  20. Did he struggle with the officer? Have they released video on that?

  21. P.a. Long says:


  22. P.a. Long says:

    Michael Anthony Taylor THERE WAS NO STRUGGLE.

  23. Kyle Wells says:

    Unfortunately I wasn't there I'm going by what the young man who recorded the altercation ..He reported that the "officer had him under control"
    Which leads me to believe at some point there was a scuffle/struggle..
    Either way he was wrong to shoot him in the back not sure how he was threat running away from him…

  24. You are 100% correct. As much as the police department is now trying to show itself as caring for the family, etc., this is all backpeddling. Let's not forget that just hours after the incident they issued a public statement completely exonerating this killer cop. They didn't take the time to investigate and ask why Mr. Scott was SHOT IN THE BACK SEVERAL TIMES. They took the cop's word at face value. It wasn't until the tape surfaced that they said Ooooooops. We all know that were it not for this tape the police department would have let this killer cop get away with murder.

  25. He also forgot to add that part of their script includes…"That's what we're "trained" to do. Being a "trained" human being doesn't mean that you're a "programmed" robot that can't over-ride it's command…There's a distinct difference.

  26. It doesn't "SEEM" like a script, it is a script. We've seen this act too many times before. It's time for them to come up with something new. This tired old script is played out.

  27. They didn't care that he was dying because he was already dead. Why waste time on a dead man? Dead men don't talk, they just didn't know the camera was there

  28. Michael Fox says:

    The video is still the best solution. The cops that got away with the Murder of Eric Gardner by choking him to death in NY did not know that they where being flimed for the whole world to see. If the cops know that they are be watched its common sense that they are most likely to think twice before killing an unarmed Blackman. Wouldn't you.

  29. I've seen a white man resist when was zapped. He took those wires and yanked them off his body and then he ran. No telling what drugs he was on, but do you know what the cops did? Chased him, couldn't catch him and he got away. No guns, just got away and it was all caught on video. What a difference!

  30. I've seen a white man resist when was zapped. He took those wires and yanked them off his body and then he ran. No telling what drugs he was on, but do you know what the cops did? Chased him, couldn't catch him and he got away. No guns, just got away and it was all caught on video. What a difference!

  31. Re Stephens says:

    I hope everyone knows, that legislation is attempting to prevent all citizens from video taping situations like this. They are to block your rights as a tax paying citizen from governing such acts.

  32. P.a. Long Thank you. You know I could've totally missed that part.

  33. Nancy Lewis says:

    Bridget Eason, so why bother putting handcuffs on a dead man? Police officers are trained in basic first aid and are issued CPR masks. They didn't know if he was dead or not and they didn't care. They were going to go with the usual story whether he lived or not.

  34. David Hobbs says:

    Evangelist: The world loves darkness more than it loves light. We have a double standard in our justice system, Therefore the system is broken. Where there is a conflict of interest in any system, Justice will not flow evenly, therefore, there will be no justice. Remember what happened to the King of kings and the Lord of lords! Remember what YESHUA, King Jesus that is, said enroute to Cavalry: "…And there followed him a great company of people and of women which also bewailed him and lamented him. But Jesus turned to them and said, daughters of Jerusalem, do not weep for me, but weep for yourselves and for your children. Behold, the days are coming in which they shall say, blessed are the barren and the wombs that never bare and the paps that never gave suck. Then shall they begin to say to the mountains, Fall on us and to the hills; Cover us! FOR, IF THEY DO THESE THINGS IN A GREEN TREE, WHAT SHALL BE DONE IN THE DRY.." (Luke 23:27-31). Messiah's trial was held at night. He was convicted although he had done no wrong, false witnesses testified against him and many laws of man and God were broken in order to get him. Well, "TODAY, THE TREE IS DRY". Obedience to sound laws and doctrine is a much desired dream.

  35. Common Sense isn't a common practice w/law in for inforcement, it's not practical. Besides giving the world a birds eye glimpse of the numerous injustices committed by the ones who took an oath to protect. Has done nothing to cure the cancer. Michael Fox, I understand your point of view. But "sense" has become a lost possession.

  36. Kyle Wells says:

    Bridget Eason I hear you I've witnessed first hand a friend got tazed and the officer tazed him telling him too stop RESISTING all the while he's tazing him kind of hard to sit still while being shocked that's all I was trying to say..
    But totally get your point..unfortunately that was in pager/beeper era..

  37. Amen God sees it all and I feel sorry for all these cops that are killing these black men for no reason other than racist and the ten commandment says thou should not kill so they are free now but on judgement day they will serve their time in HELL!!

  38. Erica Cole says:

    Please upgrade your mobile site. I hate comin here. You have good stories. But as soon as I see t link comes here i try to find the story on another page.

  39. John Hall says:

    This incident is so fake lol. Watch the video, the cop shot his gun 8 times and hit the man 5 times. The man never screamed when he got shot, and he didn't even bleed. After the 8th bullet the man finally falls down lol. This shit has Bullshit written all over it. #add this to all the other BS people believe.

  40. Nancy Lewis they have to put the handcuffs on anyway..they claimed the man was a threat and they are not allowed to declare death so they handcuff even incapacitated suspects its pro forma regardless of the situation because what if he's not as incapacitated as you think and he grabs your weapon etc. I'm not defending these officers I'm just letting you know that its pretty much procedure in most police jurisdictions. They can't say they thought the man was the huge threat but they didn't follow proper protocol after the fact. Its one of those things that makes perfect sense and zero sense at the same time.

  41. Kyle Wells they released the dash cam from the cop car last night and there was no struggle. he got pullled over, he was told to stay in his car but he got out. The cop approached him and he ran the cop caught up with him and tased him. He pulled the probe off and run away and that's when he got shot…there was no struggle and he didn't grab anything he was just running away scared.

  42. Nancy Lewis says:

    Yes, these officers are all about following proper protocol. HA!

  43. its a CYA move….how could you say you thought someone was sooooo scary you had to shoot them but not follow the protocol for subduing a super scary suspect regardless of injury? If there was no video this would have made at least an ACLU lawyer ask questions.

  44. Kyle Wells says:

    Le keeshsa Vegas…ok I was wrong I was basing my statement/opinion from what the young man who witnessed the altercation said… it was not based on facts being I didn't witness it happen….I'm in no way siding with the officer even if There was a struggle WHICH APPARENTLY THERE WAS NOT…

  45. Struggle or no struggle once that man ran away from the cop he was no longer a threat

  46. Mr. Geragos is absolutely correct.

  47. Syed Rehman says:

    That black cop should also be charged as being an accessory to the crime. We can see him planting evidence in the video.

  48. Eric Astwood says:

    In the US the Kukuks Klan don't put on white mask or hide there face, its legal they join the POLICE.

  49. Un Stoppable says:

    Michael Anthony Taylor yes he did struggle with the officer. Unfortunately after his back was turned he then began to struggle to cling onto life.

  50. Un Stoppable says:

    I feel the second officer should also face charges as an accomplice to murder. He saw that cop plant evidence and stayed quiet while he tried to lie. It's simple. War on black men. #COMMITTED

  51. Kyle Wells says:

    Thanks unstoppable
    And Micheal Anthony Taylor,P.A Lang ,, Le Keesha Vega I watched the interview with the WITNESS and Said there was a struggle…

  52. Kyle Wells says:

    Watch the interview the WITNESS said himself the officer was on top of him and him under control UNTIL HE TAZED order to have control of a person at some point the person had to be out of control
    They/witness said there was moments they didn't catch on video during that moment the dash can didn't catch that part…ONCE AGAIN I am IN NO way defending the officer action…..Watch his(witness) interview…
    Either way rather he struggled or not is our opinion long as we both/all agree the officer should be charged AGREED…

  53. The reality is if we do not first unite and settle our differences this will continue to happen. Bro. David the system is only broken when it comes to us and our interest not just here but throughout the planet. The white man has always engaged in conflict to advance his world not, the world, that's why Jesus said for God so loved the world (the world that he will bring in), not this world. It is written that this world will be done away with. Every Messiah figure that God has given to us, their trial has always taken place at night, meaning when the masses of the people are dead to the knowledge of the time and the presents of God working in a man. We have to understand, really overstand that it's not just talking about the Jesus of 2000 years ago. It's telling us that we will also receive a Jesus from himself, which we have always stood by and watched on the other side as the enemy kill our leader that loved us but we hated them because we did not totally agree with them and the message that they brought. Look at how we treat Min. Farrakhan because some of us do not agree with the message of Islam, did not we see (Roots), This is telling you that our fathers decided that Islam would be the faith of our people, which Alex showed. Why are we so ungrateful. Remember how we did Dr. King, but claim to have loved him only because he is not here now to demand something of us, some with Jesus. These men gave their life for the people (meaning they lived a life not for self, but to redeem a falling people (not that they wanted physical death). Preachers should preach like this and not have black people all out in space. Most so-called Black leaders are only cowards hiding behind Jesus name, life and ministry. This is not against anyone personally but history, nature, science, and math is against anyone coming back 2000 years later to redeem a falling world. The Jesus was raised from the dead, meaning a dead people, us. The book says he came unto his own, (but) his own, meaning his own people received him NOT. That's what we have done, so now the time has come for us (black people) and our enemy (white man) to be judged. I do not mean to offend anyone, but if we do not believe truth today we will pay the price, which may be our life because when black people find out the truth a lot people will be in trouble for lying to them. Remember Jesus said you SHALL know the truth, which means that we have and will always be lied to by our open enemy, the white and and his greatest tool, the black church.

  54. Kyle Wells "had him under control" does not mean there was a struggle. The perpetuation of the victim being in the wrong is being based on conjecture. "Which leads me to believe at some point there was a scuffle/struggle." is conjecture. If I ask you to turn around and put your hands behind your back and you willingly do this " I have you under control" – you see? This man should have died because he ran? because he was scared of paying child support? because he was black? because he had a bogus third brake light out (BTW that is is not even illegal) No matter how it's spun – This man should not have been shot. end of story.

  55. Kyle Wells says:

    Torchos Clarke I ended this story days ago if you/yall/peoople gonna single out my use of the word "STRUGGLE" it's pointless bro continue….you like just like others are taking one word out of the statement and turning it into something that's just my opinion read my whole statement in its entirety never ONCE INSTEAD OF FOCUSING ON ONE WORD did I justify the officers action RIGHT OR WRONG ITS MY OPINION JUST LIKE YOU HAVE YOURS. ONCE AGAIN I AM NOT DEFENDING THE OFFICERS ACTION…
    How bout you ask yourself this question "If Mr.Scott did not exit or run from his car do you believe the officer would have shot him??? Me personally NO again my OPINION BEING TAX PAYING CITIZENS IM ENTITLED TO THAT.


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