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3 thoughts on “Deion Sanders Shuts Down His Son’s ‘Hood’ Behavior In The Most Incredible Way

  1. Fulani Yira says:

    Observe and accept. The sun did no wrong. Hood is an abbreviated word for "neighborhood". What is wrong with getting donuts from your favorite store in the neighborhood?

  2. Nice try, Miss, but the context in which young Sanders mentioned "Hood" was not in reference to any neighborhood. His dad did right by checking him but it's not like that was some tough love being administered. Enjoy your day!

  3. Max Jackson says:

    A question came about from the media regarding this subject matter. It's normally the media because they tend to ask some of the dumbest questions in order to encite answers to the questions.


    I'm going to respond to this question and not hesitate for second while doing it. This was not a question that originated from someone of color. They would know better. Deion Sanders is correct for not condoning his son's actions. Even his son and those who follow his son on Twitter or on any social media website would possibly say, "they are just words, dont make a big deal out of it"….. one must. The thing that people, including the offspring of Mr. Sanders dont get is people like his father, as he was called NEON DEION SANDERS, was and to this day, is considered one the greatest sports figures of all times in both football and baseball and when he said something he always backed it. What Im saying is his father worked hard in order to establish himself. By doing this, he was able to give his son not only just a name but a legacy if worked right could span for generations and generations to come. I understand one must never forget where they came from, but let's be honest, Deon Sanders kid didn't come from the hood and has no businesses thinking about it or even talking about it unless he intends on giving away a scholarship in his name with respect to academics or sports or has a way to improve upon it. Also glorifying the hood is also not the way to go as a person of color because it sends the wrong message to those who are not of color such as the Tweet that originated from the son of Young Deion Jr., only for someone to say something along these lines "You see this? Do you see this [email protected]#[email protected] here… Give them a little money and they still act like a [email protected]#a". For those, of us who have and are, of color, we know Deion Sanders didn't work hard for nothing. He like about of men of color worked and rose to the occasion in order to be respected and admired in life. His son should not only want the same thing but should also understand what his father sacrafice means, not just to him, but as men of color.

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