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5 thoughts on “Can You Believe This Guy Had The Nerve To Say This After Throwing A Banana At Dave Chapelle?

  1. he is a liar as well as a racist. I do not understand why white people like to compare us to monkeys when it is they who look like monkeys.

  2. Shave a monkey, they're PINK underneath

  3. He just happened to have a banana peel in his pocket which he happened to throw at a black man but he didn't know that his actions were considered racist? Bullshit. This is what author Noah Chomsky calls"intentional ignorance."

  4. Luci Ryan says:

    A lousy liar who demonstrates NO remorse. Why did he have the banana peel in his pocket? He obviously does not look in the mirror at himself. Ever seen a Rhesus Monkey dud? Shave.

  5. He's a racist! Too many unanswered questions, why did he have a banana peel in his pocket at a show? If he love the comedy of Dave, why is supposed to be upset at when Dave is joking with the person he came in there with? He is a racist and Mr. Chappelle should press charges.

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