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35 thoughts on “Russell Brand Precisely Breaks Down Why Iggy Azalea’s Cultural Appropriation Is Much Larger Than Just Hip Hop

  1. I love this guy.

  2. I agree with some of it. People have an ownership over hip hop. Real hip hop though IMO is underground. I don't give a shit about the mainstream shit they play on radio/tv. Iggy and kanye and jay z are all puppets to the corporations, their job is to sell sex and merchandize. That isn't what real hip hop is about. Plus, hip hop isn't black, hip hop doesn't belong to anyone, but belongs to everyone of all cultures.

  3. You had me up until hip hop not being property of black people… I'm assuming you belive yodeling doesn't belong to the Swiss either huh?

  4. Simon Si says:

    Great response, Justin. White people are not even receptive to the idea of a black James Bond.

  5. Simon Si how about a white shaft? 😛

  6. They're white Egyptians and Pharoahs… real people. Where's Bond is a fictional character. Stop Marky

  7. What do you mean about hip hop being property of black people, you're joking, right? If not, please do explain.

  8. There are figures and extentions of culture that define the each particular culture. It's amazing that that's conveniently forgotten when speaking of black contributions. Should we say that Asian cuisine doesn't belong to Asians aswell?You don't understand because you don't want to… I'm not here to spoon feed a bitch. Lol ✌

  9. Should we say that Asian cuisine doesn't belong to Asians aswell?

  10. I think you're both talking about a different kind of ownership and you both need to tune in to the definition that each other are talking about.
    I agree with both, but I agree more so with Justin in the context of this video.

  11. Sean says:

    great job to Russell! Not too many white people can tell the truth like he can or isn't afraid to at least.

  12. Raul Gomez says:

    This is the perfect example of reverse racism. That's like saying that blacks have no place in hockey. There is a place for everyone to do whatever the hell they want to do….. this is just retarded. When you listen to a song on the radio what the hell does it matter what the color of their skin is? This world is so full of ignorance.

  13. Thnk u Raul….Music is the great equalizer when it comes to listening. If it's good, it's good, color doesn't and shouldn't matter.

  14. No one said that white people doesn't have a place in hiphop. Why is it so hard for people to give black people what's theirs? Again, Sure a black man can open a Chinese restaurant, cook the food and sell it. But you do understand it'd be disrespectful for that black man to say, "no this is everyone's Food. We all eaT as humans. Food doesn't have a culture or color" it just doesn't happen that way. But i see you're just too hurt by the idea of white people actually getting a little taste of restriction that black people experience everyday…BTW, any time someone feel comfortable enough to say "reverse racism" Not only are they seen as a racist but also as being full of shit. Good day.

  15. Brian Nguyen says:

    I agree with Russell Brand 100% here. Main stream culture has been appropriating black culture ever since slavery, without giving due credit or acknowledging rights.

    How do we know Iggy is appropriating Black culture? Let me see. She speaks with a thick Australian accent, but when she raps, she all of a sudden transforms into a black girl from the ATL. What else? The themes and topics of her songs are straight out of nicki minaj or missy elliot song. She tries to act like she's all hood and from the streets. Why? Because she knows that if she raps about her experience growing up as a rich white girl in Australia, no one will listen to her music or buy her albums. Truth. Haha

    Iggy's Detractors are sometimes criticized for criticizing Iggy, but not criticizing Eminem. Eminem is not an appropriator. His rhymes are 100% original. You listen to his tracks, you hear about his -ex, his daughter, his mother, and his life growing up in Detroit. And when he raps, he doesn't try to imitate a black accent. He sounds 100% white; like a more hardcore version of the Beastie Boys. Lol

    Unlike Iggy, Eminem actually had to bleed and sweat to hone his craft. Did Iggy have to endure humiliation in Detroit's free style rap battles? But Em definitely did.

    Iggy recently did a radio interview and the DJ put on a beat and asked her to free style rap on the spot. You know how Iggy responded? By rapping one of her own pre-recorded songs. Lmao. 0% talent. 0% originality. 100% appropriation

  16. you lost me after that 'hip-hop' isn't black….. oh really? it isn't? last time I checked romeo Santos didn't make hip hop up, nor did MARCO ANTONIO SOLIS…..

  17. NEVER FORGET THAT PUERTO RICANS AND ANY SPANISH SPEAKING COUNTRY IN CENTRAL AMD SOUTH AND THE ISLADNS ARE ALSO BLACK!!! FOH W THAT BIG PUN NOISE!! PUN KNEW EXACTLY WHAT HE WAS, you sound like a Spanish person that tries to pass off ad white and shun your OEN folks! go suck the oppressor's dick

  18. You don't y understand because you don't want to. No one EVER said white people cant or shouldn't rap. The problem is white culture robbing the art from what it truly is. You obviously didn't read my comment to get a better understanding. You just want to bitch. Bye Felicia.

  19. Let's judge you by your character now Raul . Lol you're full of it bro

  20. the ONLY THING European about me IS MY LAST NAME because my ancestor's would-be-slave masters'couldn't stand THE AfrIKAan one! as far as grammar, mother fucker YOU'RE NOT MY PROFESSOR! AND UNLIKE YOU I KNOW NOT ONLY HIP HOP ORIGINS AND WHO IT BELONGS TO BUT MY OWN ETHNIC ORIGINS, I'M A PROUD GARIFUNA SO DO NOT FUCK WITH ME!


  22. Jinxs King says:

    Damn I agree with you 100%. That's why I do not listening to her music anymore

  23. Jinxs King says:

    I am sorry to tell you thing but hip hop rap rock jazz belong to black people.

  24. Vince Jones says:

    I don't think you can say they belong to any culture. We know who started it. But, we eat and prepare Asian food, Greek food, Italian food etc. In my home. The issue with music has always been whites selling more and getting more recognition than us with the music we started. But, what do you expect. The white kids always start listening to our music because it is good. Then, their kids start performing it because they enjoy it. The fact that the white kids begin to purchase the music more from their own and that it becomes more socially accepted is a part of institutional racism that may never be over.

  25. Jazz Brooks says:

    The bigger picture: the injury from the overall story that has never and probably will never be addressed by the people who continue to benefit from it! Amerikkka refuses to deal with its history!

  26. Hank Wilson says:

    Black People, open your eyes, the music that comes up out of you affect others in ways that they don't understand, but just have to accept it. That's what you do to other ethnicities. And, therefore many of them have fears of that inner initiation from within. Your music allows them to go to a place that's missing within them; it's like going outside laying in the sun and getting skin damage, yet it's so painful, but you can't help yourself. Anyways, this is not a new thing, it thousands of years old. Even today, many of the most famous white musicians, i.e., (Elvis Presley and The Beatles) have said, if you haven't already heard them say it before in public, or just have to listen to some of the old rockers talk about how they couldn't help themselves in the way that they now express their musical talents. Of course not, they grow up around or their ears caught the sounds of our music and couldn't turn away, which is where their inspirations comes from. Sure, they add into it some of their culture mix, but essentially its origins are apparent. Also do a little research, it's there.

  27. Dmax Lomax says:

    The question we need to ask is what C00ns put her in that position. I swear, I now stay in atlanta and I now know what a thirsty house negro looks like. There are an abundance of them down here and I'm still trying to figure what happened down here to have our people so lost, envious and thirsty down here, smh. Iggy just went with the flow, it was our own people that inserted Iggy. Plus, HIPHOP has been watered and dumbed down to the point where someone that heas no idea of HIPHOP roots or culture can be crowned queen. That's not her fault, it's ours as black people. Public E, KRS-1 and tons of others have be warning you about uncle tom house creatures, but most of us didn't listen at all, smh.

  28. Dmax Lomax says:

    Nope, failed, It's not not saying there is no place for blacks in hockey and your comments speaks on how shallow some people are. There's a place for all, but it's the thievery that is upsetting the masses. There's a difference.

  29. Pun and joe are not white. They get a pass. They never called me nigger, in malice, or displayed white supremacy towards black people. White sportt fans in eur ope do not accept black players and disrespect and intimidate them on court. Anybody look into the history of thesr ehited. They put on? We have a different relationship with whites then with any other race of people on this earth and that relationship is not a good one.

  30. Parris Lane says:

    It take Russell Brand to speak the truth..

  31. Craig Young says:

    Great point. We'd also have to define what we mean by 'mainstream'. Which may mean the powerful gateways and portals that have the reach and money create and distribute the appropriated material.

    This would be important because I'd question why blacks don't know how to monetize their own culture. I'd say they do know – but if they are kept out of the marketplace, they can't even sell.

  32. Paula Addy says:

    Raul Gomez Err no one has actually said that a white person can't be pat of hip hop. Did you actually watch the video? The point was due recognition and acknowledgment.

  33. Paula Addy says:

    Raul Gomez I only just read your comment in its entirety and it seems you are chatting shit like Justin said.

  34. This is so STUPID.
    1. Sure, there's musical culture derived from black communities but that music is still the creation of THAT artist. Not every black person can play an instrument or sing or dance. So for people to say "that's mine, my culture" I'm like, "really? Recreate Pharrel Williams beats for me if you own it."
    2. Has everyone lost their minds over Hip Hop? Jesus, one of the reasons why jazz musicians like Bradford Marsalis and others criticized rap and Hip Hop in the beginning was because most of the artists blatantly ripped off other artists without paying them or giving them any credit. Besides which, many jazz artists felt like rap artists were not genuine artists playing instruments. Am I the only person who paid attention to this stuff?
    3. To me, the hate directed at Iggy is totally and entirely misdirected. The music industry has refined its sales down to a handful of artists with hundreds of musicians and production teams supporting the illusions of single artists. Radio is no longer playing a litany of rap artists, much less female rap artists. Since the rap artist playing field is narrower than ever, Iggy stands out. The music scene on corporate radio doesn't have a ton of competition. It's marketed that way. Now we see the side effects.

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