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3 thoughts on “This Video Highlights the Ill Effects of Caucasians’ Standard of Beauty on African People

  1. "mmmm A little bit uncomfortable…"

  2. Blacks have a long road ahead of us. We are up against having to unravel all the mental destruction of ourselves. Our beautiful black skin, our kinky good hair. We feel something is wrong with having these features, all we see is ugliness. Why? If black christians believe in God, and that God created black people, tell me, what explanation can they give God, if what God gave them is so terrible. I was taught, God is the most perfect, yet did God make a mistake creating black people. No one need to answer these questions for me, but need to ask the questions of themselves, the ones who see themselves not beautiful because they have Afurakan features.

  3. Netar Penson says:

    I become uncomfortable when a stranger would approach me and say " I like your WIG."

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