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10 Truths About Christian Imagery That Your Pastor Probably Never Told You

cross a pagan symbol

Cross Was Originally a Pagan Symbol

The cross is regarded as one of the core symbols of Christianity. It is believed to be a holy symbol originating from the Christian religion as a symbol that represents God’s sacrifice of Jesus Christ at Calvary. The truth is, however, the cross is actually a pagan symbol that wasn’t even considered a Christian symbol for years after Yeshua the Messiah was born. Sandy Nagy, an Examiner contributor and author who focuses on numerous biblical subjects, wants people to consider a few things before assuming the cross is a symbol of Christian origin.

“If the cross is a Christian symbol, then why is it traceable way back to Babylon and Egypt, as far back as 2,000 B.C. … ?” Nagy wrote in an article for the Examiner. “Many ancient cultures used crosses or the mystic Tau. Babylon seems to be the originator from ancient Chaldea, but you can find crosses in Egypt [Egypt is often separated from Africa by Eurasian-centric intellects], India, China, Africa, Mexico, Greece, Italy, and South American histories. All before Yeshua was ever born.”

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