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Barbados, Jamaica To Lead Caribbean Nations Seeking To Drop Queen Elizabeth As Their Head of State

queen commonwealth jamaicaBarbados is getting rid of the Queen. For some reason, the prime minister, Freundel Stuart, feels that the country’s head of state should not be a foreign white woman who has the job because of a history of conquest, who is also head of state for 15 other countries, including most of their near neighbors, and who last visited Barbados in 1989. Stuart promises to present a bill to remove her in time for next year’s 50th anniversary of Barbadian independence. If he does so, it is expected to pass.

To some extent it is easy to see why Britain keeps the Queen. She is British, after all. But what about Elizabeth II’s other queendoms? Might they be tempted to follow Barbados? Most Commonwealth countries have not kept the British monarch as head of state, and even those that have kept warm feelings may cool when Charles takes over. The list of candidates is: Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, the Bahamas, Belize, Canada, Grenada, Jamaica, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, St Christopher and Nevis, St Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines, the Solomon Islands and Tuvalu.

Among these, Jamaica could well be first to go republican, and should have beaten Barbados to it. The prime minster, Portia Simpson-Miller, vowed to do so before Jamaica’s own 50th anniversary of independence in 2012. The fact that she still hasn’t may be a sign that this kind of constitutional change is often more popular than practical.

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13 thoughts on “Barbados, Jamaica To Lead Caribbean Nations Seeking To Drop Queen Elizabeth As Their Head of State

  1. If that is what the people want, so be it. We should then treat them like any other foreign country. It would be no use them turning to us if in the future they are targetted by outside forces in the world. Such a shame to end a place in the commonwealth with the benefits it offers to a nation.

  2. I think a 66% of all elegible voters in Jamaica must agree in a referendum to drop the queen. This is a tough if not impossible task in a country wher less than 50% participated in the last election. Honestly, what Jamaica needs now has nothing to do with Mrs Queen; instead, we need economic growth, employment opportunities and relief from murders and widespread hopelessness. This is nothing more than an obfuscation that serves to detract from the pathatic failure of the government. I challenge the powers that be, to get 66%of elegible voters to the polls on this non-issue,within the context of economic miasma.

  3. How can they be leading if Guyana became a republic in 71 and Trinidad in 76?

  4. John Orafa says:

    This is why I cringe about anything that relates to British monarchy. They are evil and selfish idiots. Why are they still holding nations hostage? In 2015? Do they want to be fought off before they know that's old? And the stupid countries do nothing about it.

  5. Kieron Grant says:

    This is the most stupid article ever, stop focusing on the queen and deal with the important issues destroying your countries.

  6. Bilal Brim says:

    One of the things destroying our countrues is the British monarch

  7. I listened to our new Canadian prime minister's swearing in ceremony earlier this week and in the vow, he swore alligiance to the queen and all her heirs….which took me by surprise, and quite frankly ticked me off. So, I did a bit of research and discovered that this "alligiance" is part of our Canadian constitution which would have to be re-written before it could change. We claimed our independence as a sovereign nation in 1867. Just like the Caribbean nations who have claimed their independence, our country was taken by force and colonized. Our indigenous people suffered a calculated and intentional genocide that nearly wiped them off the map. In school, we were taught lies about that chapter of our history, which perpetuated discrimination and division. In the past few years evidence has surfaced that reveals the brutal history of our country's founders. I think it is time for all commonwealth nations to drop this ridiculous tradition of royal respect and awe.

  8. James O'Keefe They should not have to vote, it should have been done since independence, just do it now.

  9. Why now? Why not sooner!?

  10. Mike Denault says:

    Wrong – Canada didn't get it's independence in 1867.

  11. Trinidad and Tobago became a Republic on August 1st, 1976.

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