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6 Interesting Takeaways ‘Empire’ Tell Us About The Current State Of TV

In a three-month span, Empire went from a pilot to a ratings bonanza, a phenomenon that became the topic of conversation from week to week. What was the takeaway from this show that has much of the country anxiously awaiting its return next season?

empire-05Characters Without Character Do Not Matter

There was not one person who was redeeming on the nighttime drama. Everyone had their own agendas and would undercut family members to get it. Remarkably, that had no bearing on viewers, as the ratings climbed each week. If it did insult fans, it did not show in the numbers, including 17.4 million who watched the two-hour season finale last week. “It’s just a show,” is the familiar refrain, and clearly not a lot of sentiment is given toward the depiction of the Black family in this saga.

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